The adults in the room

Who are “the adults in the room?” The phrase implies people who are, not just older, but mature and responsible. In light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report and other alarming reports about global warming, clearly conservatives, who want to maintain the status quo in fossil fuel extraction, transport and consumption, are going to continue adding to the climate disaster that has begun. No one who wants to continue using fossil fuels to power the energy sector of the economy can be considered responsible, that is, to be an “adult in the room.”

Claiming to be the adult in a room or discussion comes off as superior or arrogant. It is, in fact, the former; but expression of this idea, heard on MSNBC for years, has not referred to citizens demanding the green revolution necessary to avoid likely human extinction.

Donald Trump is  a symptom of a disease.

Neo-liberal political philosophy of the establishment is that disease.

Senator Sanders’ political philosophy is a cure to that disease.

#BernieOrBust is the demand that people take the medicine needed to continue living.

That political and green, progressive revolutionaries are the only adults in the room of “children” and “teens,” who are clamoring to go faster, buy more stuff and make more millions of dollars, becomes glaringly obvious in the aftermath of the IPCC Report and other climate reports published since then. According to climate scientists, humans have 10 more years maximum to cut world-wide carbon emissions in half, or the fate of the world is doom, decay and disaster after disaster this century and beyond.

Even if the climate science turns out to be wrong, the worse that could happen as a result of government mobilization, spending and debt expansion for energy sector transformation would be a world-wide, economic depression that would eventually mean abundant, steady cost energy. On the other hand, if the climate change skeptics–whether corporate, libertarian, conservative or neo-liberal–are wrong but we don’t transform the world’s energy sector, if the human race continues to be powered by fossil fuels with no government involvement to shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy collection, storage, distribution and use, the market alone is not and cannot transform the world energy subsystem nearly fast enough. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels continues to increase. This is now an unprecedented, existential crisis. The human race is at a turning point, a choice to either change to survive or continue business-as-usual and stare extinction down the barrow of a gun.

Only progressive government philosophy is suited for the mobilization and transformation that is needed. Conservatives and libertarians embrace the current fossil fuel powered energy sector. That leaves the neo-liberal, status quo “centrists.” Yes, Biden acknowledges climate change and calls it an existential threat, but his record shows he can’t be trusted to do enough. Follow the money. Ditto for Warren. They can’t be trusted in part because of their donors. The Neo-Liberals link above is a web page of damning articles about Biden, Harris, Buttigieg, and yes, Elizabeth Warren. Warren does not refer to herself as a progressive, and she’s not. Her halfway, proposed measures will not add up to climate preservation.

Bernie Sanders can be trusted.  A lifelong progressive, Bernie is the only candidate with the following needed to win a general election and save the world from climate collapse. While his supporters are on the right side of history, only Sanders is deserving of the trust needed to make a demand for him and his ideology logical, sane and responsible. Bernie or Bust 2020 means we will vote progressive on 11/03/2020. If he is not the Democratic Party nominee, “Busters” will not vote neo-liberal Blue in the general election; and the Republican is certain to be re-elected.

Furthermore, if Sanders, a democratic socialist, is not the Party nominee, most poor people and many poorly educated will stay home, and (if Trump is found guilty in the U.S. Senate) Pence will be re-elected on the tailwinds of good Trumponomic conditions if the Democrats choose during the primaries to not to win again. Regardless of nominee’s ideology, climate emergency requires progressive governance.  Barring a recession, winning against the Republican candidate requires Bernie be the nominee. Why?

In addition to those of us who are #BernieOrBust via voter pledge, there are other categories of voters, millions of Americans, who will not support any other Democrat besides Senator Sanders. Victor Tiffany explains who they are in this Special Announcement:

We don’t know numbers on “Bernie or Bust generation,” but we know it exists and polling is needed to size it up. It wasn’t there four years ago, and Revolt Against Plutocracy came just over 9.6 K votes shy in PA from claiming responsibility in 2016.  Last time we had to build a movement. This time, we started with a movement larger than what was built in the last presidential election cycle. This alone makes Sanders the only candidate positioned to defeat an incumbent with the economic winds at his back.

ONLY Sanders can defeat Trump or Pence, and the climate change that is under way makes those of us demanding a progressive nominee for the Democratic Party the only “adults in the room.” In this climate emergency, neo-liberal governance will not be sufficient.

Should Senator Sanders drop out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination, Bernie or Bust will seamlessly transition to #TulsiOrTrash the Democratic Party. For more, see RAP’s #BernieOrBust voter pledge page.