Green Revolution

The fossil fuel portion of the energy sector is run by very wealthy and influential oligarchs. If the captains of fossil fuel industries continue to have their way in the United States and around the world, it will not be long before the Earth’s climate is pushed beyond the threshold of no return. Where it ends up, whether Desert Earth or worse, a planet that resembles Venus, will not be able to sustain civilizations or ultimately life itself. Revolt Against Plutocracy is building an electoral climate strategy into a movement because if neither major party candidate will commit to doing what’s needed to preserve the climate and ultimately restore it to pre-industrial temperatures, then there’s no reason to support them financially or with our votes in 2020.

The four-pronged approach to climate preservation outlined on the home page:

  1. Annual, significant reductions in fossil fuel use,
  2. Massive mobilization to capture carbon to re-use or sequester,
  3. Solar radiation management research
  4. Deployment of multi-lingual website to share information, best practices, etc.

is considered a minimalist approach to climate preservation. In addition, governments around the world will have to fund climate mitigation efforts such as better forest-fighting methods and technology, sea walls, recovery efforts from natural disasters, etc.

What if all of this destroys the economy? As the video below explains, it’s a price well-worth paying because the alternative, i.e., human extinction or even Desert Earth, is too high of a price to pay to avoid higher energy and transportation costs, huge federal deficits and a growing national debt, etc. This is not that long, but this video explains the choice we have to make better than any other video. While designed for climate change skeptics, it lays out the choice we as voters and humanity as a whole must make.

In some ways, that explanation of our climate emergency is obsolete. While an economic disaster may result from governments going deeply into debt to address climate change in a sufficient manner, Modern Monetary Reality (know as Modern Monetary Theory) provides a new understanding that makes broad prosperity a far more likely outcome of the spending necessary to preserve the climate and restore the Earth’s temperatures to levels seen in the 18th Century.

In the video below, Professor Fadhel Kaboub explains how the federal government alone can spend the dollars needed to mobilize resources to extract carbon from the atmosphere, manage solar radiation levels reaching the Earth and anything else needed to save us from our own deadly abuse of fossil fuels to power the economy.

By taking the #ClimateOrBust voter pledge to only support candidates committed to a bold three or four-prong strategy to deal with the climate emergency, you will be sending a message we will use our media resources and media contacts to convey to all candidates for the White House and the public. They must either commit themselves to climate preservation or lose the general election in 2020. This is admittedly an extreme strategy, but we  are in an extreme emergency as outlined in the IPCC report of October 2018 and Paul Beckwith’s analysis of that report on our home page where Victor interviewed him about about the three-pronged strategy listed above.

George Monbiot explained: “The problem is political. A fascinating analysis by the social science professor Kevin MacKay contends that oligarchy has been a more fundamental cause of the collapse of civilisations than social complexity or energy demand. Control by oligarchs, he argues, thwarts rational decision-making, because the short-term interests of the elite are radically different to the long-term interests of society. This explains why past civilizations have collapsed despite possessing the cultural and technological know-how needed to resolve their crises. Economic elites, which benefit from social dysfunction, block the necessary solutions.” The American people need a green revolution, and they come from grassroots actions and strategies, not from candidacies, corporations or governments. With your pledge, RAP will force climate preservation into the public domain with the slogan and strategy #ClimateOrBust.

If we the people do not lead on this issue, no one else is likely to. Climate Preservation or Bust is a grassroots revolution in the purest sense.  Please join RAP’s green revolution by taking the #ClimateOrBust pledge today. Then, to build this into a movement, please find someone else to take this pledge. Using social media, that is a lot easier than asking someone you actually know offline. Help build this strategy as if your life depends on it because, in fact, your great, great grandchildren’s lives do depend on your actions today. Pledge-takers should read the home page to fully understand how to find out who are the climate preservation candidates for the White House.

Fighting against the plutocracy and oligarchs with all the money they bring to bear seems an impossible task. We recommend a movement-building strategy of asking pledge-takers to recruit one pledge-taker. To better understand our neo-liberal world and our need to legalize democratic order and outlaw plutocracy, we also encourage the acquisition, reading and giving away Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt. #ShareThisBook is our tactic to teach Americans about the neo-liberal world order and build an electoral movement against it. The cover is green for a reason.