Climate Preservation or Bust

…we are on the verge of ensuring that most, if not all, life on Earth will be snuffed out.” ~Carol Dansereau

Revolt Against Plutocracy* (RAP) is the organization that founded the unprecedented and innovative Bernie or Bust pledge movement. “Or Bust,” “Or Else,” “Or Lose,” “Or Trash” (the Democratic Party) are expressions of leverage. It stems from drawing a line in the ideological sand and rejecting the lesser-of-two evil voting. The corporate-backed, establishment Democrats do not want their party to become a populist party implementing the will of the American people. While they’re more subtle about big money in politics and the resulting plutocracy than Republicans, they will certainly ignore and/or have their allies in the media denounce the “or bust” application of electoral leverage just as they did in 2016. We leverage activists will have to build another movement using social media, personal contacts and news site comment sections as if our lives depend on it because our descendants are counting on us to save their lives.

To what end? RAP is setting aside our deep concern about money in politics (plutocracy) to focus on the existential emergency of human-caused climate change. In the aftermath of the most recent IPCC report, we are asking citizens to pledge to become #ClimateVoters. If a candidate for the White House does not commit to a three-prong approach (outlined below) to climate preservation, then that candidate will not get our support. In other words, instead of Candidate or Bust (#BernieOrBust), we’re focusing on the most important issue of our time, Vital Issue or Bust (#ClimateOrBust).

Click the “PLEDGE NOW!” button and become a #ClimateVoter. Pledging to become a #ClimateVoter means you will not support any candidate who is not an “authentic, climate preservation candidate” as outlined below. If you’re not already convinced, as we in RAP were, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent report, please view the videos below after reading about what we’re demanding of candidates for President to earn #ClimateVoters’ support.

In order to be deemed worthy of #ClimateVoters’ support, the candidate for the White House will have to do at least two things. The authentic, climate preservation candidate #ClimateVoters will support in the general election of 2020 must sign either a pledge or a candidate contract and  commit to a bold, three-pronged policy approach to slowing climate change and ultimately cooling the Earth again: 1) annual reductions of carbon emissions averaging 10% of 2020 levels for 10 years, 2) funding for research, development and implementation of carbon capture technologies and techniques for either carbon reuse (as a solid for example) or sequestration and 3) undertake feasibility studies for solar radiation management techniques (both atmospheric and space-based–see videos with Professor Beckwith below for greater details). In addition, an authentic, climate preservation candidate will also have to give a major climate speech outlining the emergency humanity faces and advocate for a three-prong approach to climate preservation and/or make the three prong approach to climate preservation a part of their stump speech. 

Demand climate preservation and become a #ClimateVoter by clicking the “PLEDGE NOW!” button. This strategy intends to become an electoral movement, so please find just one other person to also take this pledge.

This is climatologist Professor Paul Beckwith discussing the recent IPCC report that triggered our change in strategy.

Victor interviewed Professor Beckwith about his “three-legged bar stool” approach to slowing and reversing climate change.

Authentic climate preservation candidate(s) will register on our Citizens Against Extinction website.