Progressive Nominee or Bust

Revolt Against Plutocracy* (RAP) is the organization that founded and organized the unprecedented and innovative candidate write-in voter pledge strategy in 2015 and built that into the Bernie or Bust movement reported, debated, discussed, largely ignored by corporate media and feared in 2016. “Or Bust,” “Or Else,” “Or Screw,” “Or Lose” in November and “Or Trash” (the Democratic Party) are expressions of leverage. It stems from drawing a line in the ideological or policy sand and loosely unifying a large minority of voters committed to that candidate, ideology and/or policy. The corporate-backed, establishment Democrats do not want their party to become a populist party implementing the will of the American people. While they’re more subtle about big money in politics and the resulting plutocracy than Republicans, they will certainly ignore and/or have their allies in the media denounce the “or bust” application of electoral leverage just as they did in 2016. RAP and electoral leverage activists across the country have to again build another electoral movement using social media, personal contacts and news site comment sections and do so as if our lives depend on it because, actually, our hopes for distant descendants are counting on us to save their future lives.

To what end? RAP is setting aside our deep concern about money in politics (plutocracy) and agenda (democratic order) to focus on the  emergency of human-caused runaway global warming. In the aftermath of the most recent IPCC report, we are asking citizens to send a message to the candidates for the White House by  pledging yourself to become a #ProgressiveVoter. The RAP voter pledge for 2020 is an effort to replace the 4 plus decade long “establishment” (neo-liberal) Democratic Party control of the White House with a progressive Democrat. If a candidate for the White House does not commit to a robust climate preservation strategies and Medicare for All, then that candidate will not get our support in the general election. In other words, rather than a single Candidate or Bust (#BernieOrBust), RAP is continuing to draw a line in the ideological sand. The intention is to nominate a sincere climate preservation Democrat to the White House in 2020, and that will require having a progressive governing philosophy. A voter’s pledge count becomes a force to reckon with only after a lot people make a pledge to save the planet and its creatures. A high number of pledges are needed to become effective leverage, to actually compel candidates to commit to a policy, in this case the climate preservation strategy outlined below.

Click the “PLEDGE NOW!” button and become a #ProgressiveVoter. (Don’t know your congressional district number? Click here first.) Pledging to become a #ProgressiveVoter means you will not support any candidate who is not an “authentic, progressive candidate.” The three candidates deemed sufficiently progressive so far are Senator Sanders (I, VT), Representative Gabbard (D, HI) and Marianne Williamson. Because he is not running to win the nomination, RAP is not including the progressive, Senator Mike Gravel.

Or Bust means voting for a progressive in the general election, regardless of party affiliation. This pledge serves as a populist demand: The only candidates worthy of support are those who commit to preserving the climate while we still have time, commits to a response on scale of mobilization that matches WWII and who supports Medicare for All. 

A green revolution will put many people to work on sustainable energy systems and take many people out of work in fossil fuel extraction, movement, refinement, transportation and delivery (sales). That’s why a federal jobs guarantee would make a green energy transformation easier to sell in a campaign for the Executive Branch of government. Two differences between a green revolution described here and the “Green New Deal” being discussed among progressive wing of Democratic Party, are the need for research on solar radiation management techniques and a point (multi-lingual website) for information and technology sharing across boundaries. #Cooperation

Help build a movement by clicking the “PLEDGE NOW!” button and filling out the form. If you do not know your congressional district, click here. This strategy (#ProgressiveOrBust) will not succeed unless it becomes another electoral movement, so please find at least one other person to also take this pledge

What will happen if a corporate-backed neo-liberal like Senator Booker (D, NJ) or VP Biden (D) wins the Democratic Party nomination? #Progressive-pledged voters will vote Green Party, Socialist Party or for an independent candidate of their choice; and President Trump will have a much better chance of being re-elected. Neo-liberal “free-trade” advocates are just as dangerous to democratic order and the climate as Trump’s Court appointees are. (For more on that, click on our green and blue book cover to the right.)

In the end it will be profits first or planet first. In the end the people will win or we let the corporate power destroy us. If that is not a revolutionary situation I don’t know what is.~Richard Moser