See FAR or Else lose in November

Less Push is Enough

Revolt Against Plutocracy* is the organization that founded the unprecedented and revolutionary Bernie or Bust pledge movement. Or Bust, Or Else, Or Lose, Or Trash the Democratic Party are expressions of deployed leverage. It stems from drawing a line in the ideological sand and rejecting the lesser-of-two evil voting. The establishment Democrats do not want their party to become a populist party implementing the will of the American people. While they’re less comfortable with big money in politics and the resulting plutocracy than Republicans, they will certainly ignore and then have their allies in the media denounce the “or else” application of electoral leverage just as they did with Bernie or Bust. Activists will have to “push” the progressives in the primaries using leverage.

#CFAROrElse is a two-edged sword helping progressives cut through the media obstruction and punishing the neo-liberals and especially the neo-conservatives who win the Party primaries. Leverage involves voter pledges to only vote for progressives, dividing the Democratic Party base enough to see even “safe” neo-liberals defeated. “CFAR” is short for Contract For American Renewal, a proven election tactic (a candidate contract with voters). The template for a candidate contract with voters can be read in its entirety on the home page of our companion website.

This revolutionary strategy involves two essential components. Leverage activists use a set of public policy demands in a contrac, we have dubbed CFAR (pronounced “see far”), and ask candidates for Congress to sign it. #CFAROrElse leverage activists  can use that candidate’s contract with voters to determine the worthiness of all candidates for national office next year. Neither neo-liberals or neo-conservatives will want to sign the See FAR, but we have a meme for them (to the left).

Republicans took the House of Representatives using a top-down version of the CFAR they called Contract With America for the first time in decades in a backlash wave election against President Clinton in 1994. Why not used a tactic that works? The establishment are asking voters to accept a mere “better deal.” #CFAROrElse is a different card game that puts public will over corporate will and privileges voters over candidates.

The second part of the #CFAROrElse strategy involves building committed, public support for CFAR candidates by creating voter pledge lists in congressional districts for House races and in a state for Senate races. On the tutorial tab, there is a video which demonstrates how to use Google forms to do this using a form voters fill out with the relevant information. This list will become an asset for leverage activists when they want to raise money or build support for the CFAR candidate, legislation, etc. This ultimate idea for these lists of CFAR voters is to elect the progressives using an online network of networks to advance the revolution Senator Sanders sparked.

#CFAROrElse turns the candidate-voter relationship on its head. Instead of having candidates offer a platform and campaign promises, we intend to help build congressional district-level and 33 state-wide mini-movements of voters pledged to support only CFAR candidates. Leverage is essentially a demand, in this case, for an American Renewal. In order to become effective, RAP needs to have leverage activists register by clicking on the “Sign Up!” button to the right. We will follow up with advice, tips and guidance.

Revolt Against Plutocracy co-founder Victor Tiffany explains this innovative strategy on our YouTube channel.

Only you–whether a first-time activist, an interested idealist with the time to spend doing something to aid progressives running for Congress, someone perhaps who wants to continue the revolution sparked by Bernie Sanders, or a seasoned political activist–can help lead this revolutionary strategy. Leverage has to be applied locally because RAP cannot raise enough money to hire 468 people to contact candidates and build lists of voters committed to the populist agenda contained in the CFAR. Please sign up today to help turn the 2018 midterms into a progressive wave election.

  • Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the establishment.  The “neo-liberal” establishment, corporate elite’s so-called “free-trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are corporate coups, not of state power but of the system of government itself.