#ProgressiveOrBust, a Turnkey Revolution

Revolt Against Plutocracy* launched the primary campaign strategy called Bernie or Bust in June of 2015. We warned the superdelegates if they nominate Hillary Clinton, the next president would be Donald Trump. Apparently, they preferred to risk having Trump in the White House rather than Bernie Sanders.

On Peaceful, Political Revolution: Senator Sanders openly called for one, proving he was the only major party candidate who grasps the peaceful but forceful revolt needed to overthrow corporate oligarchy (plutocracy on steroids). We are not political revolutionaries because of Bernie Sanders; we were Bernie or bust because we are political revolutionaries.

Turnkey Revolution:  We still need a political revolution to electorally overthrow the neo-liberal Democrats. If you would like to become part of the Progressive or Bust revolutionary army, please listen to this short video which explains the first few steps #leverage activists need to take.

Mission: Build an unstoppable force of contract candidate #leverage activists to organize in 430 congressional districts around the nation. A team of 2-4 core organizers in each district are all that’s needed. Not mentioned in the video above is that next step, to find reliable collaborators who can help divide the labor of organizing your local #ProgressiveOrBust strategy. Sign up on the right, above, to become a core #leverage organizer and go out and find a few collaborations. We will soon convey exactly how you and your local team will then find supporters willing to vote for a third party candidate if the major party candidates are unwilling to sign the contract (#ProgressiveOrBust). This is an inside/outside strategy we deem leverage.


Strategy: The Bernie or Bust pledge was a demand. In 2016 it did not work because the Democratic party was, in effect, the Clintoncratic Party: rigged, neo-liberal and, unlike the Republican Party, impervious, by design, to challenges from outside the establishment. Our mission is to use leverage to  let Democrats know they must choose elect a CFAR (see far) candidate in the primaries or else we pledge to not vote for the Party candidate in November. You can think of this as CFAR or Bust or #BErniesAgendaOrBust.

Tactics: We intend to deploy legal, effective online activities in support of candidates advocating anti-establishment economic ideas and anti-oligarchic campaign finance solutions outlined in the Contract For American Renewal. We intend to build on what we developed and deployed during the Bernie or Bust movement. In 2018, “or Bust” does mean not voting for anyone for Congress if no one will sign the CFAR. This website will serve as a resource for information and tactical ideas for the application of #leverage in congressional districts. We may on occasion inform people on a major development or strategy adjustment of our new #BerniesAgendaOrBust strategy. #ProgressiveOrBust for a new Congress needs 430 to 1290 leverage activists to build their local movement of people demanding candidates who sign a Contract for American Renewal. RAP committee member and contract inventor John Rachel explains:

The Candidate Contract Pronounced See Far:

Remember, you can modify CFAR to suit local, political conditions. It’s not a purity test as written. A copy of CFAR is available here.

Neo-liberalism: For a thorough understanding of the neo-liberal world RAP opposes, we encourage people to read the free 60 page political pamphlet, One Party Planet. This essay provides us a common understanding of what we are up against. As revolutionaries, we aim to #ChangeTheRules. #WarOnNeoliberalism

Revolt Beyond Bernie: We seek political power for the sane majority, who are opposed to government of, by and for the wealthy. Bernie Sanders was never responsible for what we did, and neither will any other candidate going forward. RAP is an independent, public interest organization. Citizens Against Plutocracy is our PAC name. CAP PAC is a PAC with an agenda to eliminate all super PACs.

Be the media: Our revolutionary tactics are primarily online. While we encourage offline tactics such as phone banking, demonstrating or going door to door for contract-signing candidates as well, the revolutionary army RAP has been growing since June of 2015 will be able to participate in “democracy commando force multiplication” tactics to assist with candidates we support. Our newsletter will provide guidance and suggestions. Our primary media outlet is our YouTube channel.

  • Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the establishment.  The “neo-liberal” establishment, corporate elite’s so-called “free-trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are corporate coups, not of state power but of the system of government itself.