Revolution or bust!


Revolt Against Plutocracy launched the ultimately unsuccessful primary campaign strategy called Bernie or bust in June of 2015. We warned the superdelegates if they nominate Hillary Clinton, the next president would be Donald Trump. Apparently, they would rather have Trump in the White House than Bernie Sanders.

Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the establishment.  The “neo-liberal” establishment, corporate elite’s so-called “free-trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are corporate coups, not of state power but of the system of government itself.

On Peaceful, Political Revolution: Senator Sanders openly called for one, proving he was the only major party candidate who grasps the peaceful but forceful revolt needed to overthrow corporate oligarchy (plutocracy on steroids). We are not political revolutionaries because of Bernie Sanders; we were Bernie or bust because we are political revolutionaries.

Revolution:  We still need a political revolution to electorally overthrow the neo-liberals in the United States. If you would like to become part of Revolt Against Plutocracy’s revolutionary army, please use the “Sign Up!” button to the left.

Mission: Build an unstoppable force of democracy advocates willing to vote for a third party candidate if the major party candidates are anti-democratic or neo-liberals. For a thorough understanding of neo-liberalism, we encourage people to read the free 60 page political pamphlet, One Party Planet. This essay provides us a common understanding of what we are up against. As revolutionaries, we aim to #ChangeTheRules.


Strategy: The Bernie or bust pledge was a demand. In 2016 it did not work because the Democratic party was, in effect, the Clintoncratic Party: rigged, neo-liberal and, unlike the Republican Party, impervious, by design, to challenges from outside the establishment. Party superdelegates, who endorsed Clinton before the first debate, should resign for incompetence if not corruption. We intend to support the progressive revolutionary with the best chance of winning in 2020.

Tactics: We intend to deploy legal, effective online activities in support of candidates advocating anti-establishment economic ideas and anti-oligarchic campaign finance solutions. We intend to build on what we built and deployed Bernie or bust when the time comes. This website will serve as a resource for information and tactical ideas for the application of #leverage. Meanwhile, we may on occasion inform people on a major action or suggest taking action over a bill, nomination, etc.

Bernie or BUST Rally: During our Philly rally on July 26th at the Thomas Paine Plaza in Philadelphia, we made the case Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Donald Trump. Because the superdelegates choose to lose in November with Secretary Clinton, RAP carried the torch of revolution along side of the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein: the last revolutionary left standing. RAP will decide as a committee who we will support for President in 2019. We will help nominate a progressive in 2020, or the Democrat will lose again and Trump will be re-elected.

Revolt Beyond Bernie: We seek political power for the sane majority, who are opposed to government of, by and for the wealthy. Bernie Sanders was never responsible for what we did, and neither will any other candidate going forward. RAP is an independent, public interest organization. Citizens Against Plutocracy is our PAC name. CAP PAC is a PAC to eliminate all super PACs.

Sheepdog for Secretary Clinton? The knock on Senator Sanders from some on the left is that his role was to corral progressives, like a sheep dog, “to herd and be herded like sheep back into the Democratic fold….” That is the role he took on, and our position from the beginning had been and remains #SheepNoMore. Therefore, the people’s revolution deployed the Jill or BUST in the 2016 general election leverage strategy. In other words, #RevolutionOrBust. Although we supported the Green Party candidate as the fall back position after Senator Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, we are open to any revolutionary with a good chance of winning a national election.

Be the media: Our revolutionary tactics are primarily online. While we encourage offline tactics such as phone banking, demonstrating or going door to door for revolutionary candidates as well, the revolutionary army RAP has been assembling since June of 2015 will be able to participate in “democracy commando force multiplication” to assist with candidates we support. Our newsletter will provide instruction and guidance.

Neo-liberal establishment: When it comes to regulating the behavior of foreign-based corporations operating in the United States, democratic self-government will be replaced by corporate self-government if neo-liberal globalization is allowed to advance. In secret negotiations, transnational corporations crafted the rules and regulations for their behavior in our nation; and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other corporate “trade agreements” would have been implemented if Secretary Clinton had been elected. The TPP was the 9th characteristic of fascism on steroids! The date of the corporate coup d’état varies, but the 2014 Republican capture of the Senate put the government firmly in the corporate hands. It took three election cycles, but the consequence of Citizens United v FEC is state power captured by corporate interests. Our revolution or bust movement intends to wage a civil (peaceful) war against neo-liberals regardless of their party affiliation.

Bernie or bust rally speech in Philadelphia: “You are now free to go about the country voting your conscience.”

Dr. Jill Stein at the DNC “Bernie or Bust Rally” in Philadelphia: