Climate Preservation or Bust

…we are on the verge of ensuring that most, if not all, life on Earth will be snuffed out.” ~Carol Dansereau

Revolt Against Plutocracy* (RAP) is the organization that founded the unprecedented and innovative candidate write-in voter pledge strategy in 2015 and built that into the Bernie or Bust movement debated, discussed, ignored by corporate media and feared in 2016. “Or Bust,” “Or Else,” “Or Lose” in November and “Or Trash” (the Democratic Party) are expressions of leverage. It stems from drawing a line in the ideological or policy sand and loosely unifying a large minority of voters committed to that candidate, ideology or policy. The corporate-backed, establishment Democrats do not want their party to become a populist party implementing the will of the American people. While they’re more subtle about big money in politics and the resulting plutocracy than Republicans, they will certainly ignore and/or have their allies in the media denounce the “or bust” application of electoral leverage just as they did in 2016. RAP and electoral leverage activists across the country have to again build another electoral movement using social media, personal contacts and news site comment sections and do so as if our lives depend on it because, actually, our descendants are counting on us to save their future lives.

Humans are confronted with an unprecedented existential threat that is underway and nearing tipping points of no preserving the earth’s climate which sustains the world we live in. In the long history of life on Earth, we are standing on the wrong edge–inside–of the current/next mass extinction. That condition is a crisis of world-wide proportions and there isn’t much time left. Some mass extinctions in the past are accompanied by a condition like Desert Earth. The RAP voter pledge for 2020 is an effort to compel all candidates intending to unseat President 45 to advocate on behalf of survival, not of just the most fit, but of all people on Earth.

To what end? RAP is setting aside our deep concern about money in politics (plutocracy) and agenda (democratic order) to focus on the  emergency of human-caused runaway global warming. In the aftermath of the most recent IPCC report, we are asking citizens to send a message to the candidates for the White House by  pledging yourself to become a #ClimateVoter. If a candidate for the White House does not commit to a one to four-pronged approach (outlined and explained in interview below) to climate preservation, then that candidate will not get our support. In other words, instead of Candidate or Bust (#BernieOrBust), RAP is focusing on the most important issue of our time, Vital Issue or Bust (#ClimateOrBust). The intention would be to elect a sincere climate preservation candidate to the White House in 2020, and barring that to make climate preservation a litmus test for support that election year. A voter’s pledge count becomes a force to reckon with only after a lot people make a pledge to save the planet and its creatures. A high number of pledges are needed to become effective leverage, to actually compel candidates to commit to a policy, in this case the climate preservation strategy outlined below.

Will you be able to look your grandchildren in the eye and say you did what you could?” ~Dr. Gail Bradbrook

Click the “PLEDGE NOW!” button and become a #ClimateVoter. (Don’t know your congressional district number? Click here first.) Pledging to become a #ClimateVoter means you will not support any candidate who is not an “authentic, climate preservation candidate” as outlined below. If you’re not already convinced, as we in RAP were, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent report, please view the videos below or click on Dr. Bradbrook’s name above after first reading about what (a one to four-pronged strategy we call climate or bust) pledged voters are demanding of candidates for President to earn #ClimateVoters’ support at the ballot box. Just as the human race solved the ozone-depletion chemical problem, the climate can be engineered to restore cooler temperatures. This problem of climate preservation is not technological; we can solve this emergency. The problem is the political power of the vested interests supplying the fossil fuel markets. We’re not likely going to get the complete Green New Deal that’s needed without having a revolution. We need a President who’s essentially the opposite of Trump on climate change, and your pledge, when enough people have taken the same pledge, will become part of an electoral movement to literally save the planet while there’s still time.

You will find a link to the climate preservation candidate website where authentic picture(s), name(s) and party affiliation and rank of climate preservation candidates who commit to the (one to) four-pronged approach will be available for #ClimateVoters’ to know who deserves your support as a voter committed to climate action during the 2020 primaries and the general election. Leverage on a major party either moves that party into populist policies or see the targeted party (Democrats in this case because Republicans are climate insane) join the Whigs in the trashcan of history. #ClimateOrBust is targeting Democrats to compel the candidates to run on a climate preservation (or whatever it needs to be called) platform and commitment or bust (lose in November). 

Or Bust means choosing from the climate preservation candidate(s) listed on RAP’s candidate website. This pledge serves as a populist demand: The only candidates worthy of support are those who commit preserving the climate while we still have time and respond on scale of organization that matches WWII. This time, cooperation with other countries will go much further than the ultimate political competition, war.

A green revolution will put many people to work on sustainable energy systems and take many people out of work in fossil fuel extraction, movement, refinement, transportation and delivery (sales). That’s why a federal jobs guarantee would make a green energy transformation easier to sell in a campaign for the Executive Branch of government. The difference between a green revolution described below and a “Green New Deal” being discussed among progressive wing of Democratic Party, is the need for solar radiation management techniques (see Victor’s interview with climatologist Paul Beckwith below) and a point (website) of information and technology sharing across boundaries.

In order to be deemed worthy of #ClimateVoters’ support, the candidate for the White House will have to do at least two things. The authentic, climate preservation candidate #ClimateVoters pledge to support in the general election of 2020 (the pressure of increasing numbers of voters becomes electoral leverage) must sign either a pledge or a candidate contract and  commit to a bold, (one to) four-pronged policy approach to slowing climate change and ultimately cooling the Earth again: 1) (required) annual reductions of carbon emissions averaging 5% of 2020 levels for 8 potential years in office, 2) (optional) funding for research, development and implementation of carbon capture technologies and techniques for either carbon reuse (as a solid for example) or sequestration and 3) (optional) undertake feasibility studies for solar radiation management techniques (both atmospheric and space-based–see videos with Professor Beckwith below for greater details). 4) (optional) Establish a multi-lingual website to share conservation ideas, green technologies, best practices for energy transformation, for carbon capture techniques, for approaches to solar management, etc.  In addition, an authentic, climate preservation candidate will also have to give a major climate speech outlining the emergency humanity faces, advocating for a one to four-prong approach to climate preservation and/or make the one to four-prong approach to climate preservation a part of their stump speech.

A Climate Preservation Candidate (CPC) for the White House must commit to number 1 of the four prongs above. He or she is also encouraged to commit to prongs 2-4 above. On the candidate(s) website, we will list a candidate’s picture, name, party affiliation and rating, 1-4 stars, based upon the number of these four prongs they sign a commitment to support. The ideal is to support the highest ranked candidates, but some voters may not want one of the 4 prongs considered and therefore prefer a specific 3 star candidate better than a four star candidate.

Too much to demand? A two-pronged approach as outlined in the “Green New Deal” is good but insufficient to stop the potent, greenhouse gas methane from continuing to melt and be released in the atmosphere as a gas. Stopping the melting requires humans to cool the planet as soon as humanly possible. Plans are in place to begin spraying calcium carbonate into the stratosphere in 2019.  In a The Guardian opinion piece by George Monbiot titled “The Earth is in a Death Spiral. It Will Take Radical Action to Save Us,” he wrote, “Only shifts commensurate with the scale of our existential crises have any prospect of averting them. Hopeless realism, tinkering at the edges of the problem, got us into this mess. It will not get us out.” We, the people, must demand the bold action that’s needed for human survival. 

Demand climate preservation and become a #ClimateVoter by clicking the “PLEDGE NOW!” button and filling out the form. If you do not know your congressional district, click here. This strategy (#ClimateOrBust) intends to become an electoral movement, so please find just one other person to also take this pledge.

What will happen if a corporate-backed neo-liberal like Senator Booker (D, NJ) or Senator Harris (D, CA) wins the Democratic Party nomination and, appreciating the need to pull together as broad a coalition as possible to unseat an incumbent President, signs a climate preservation pledge and gives a climate preservation speech with no intention of actually following up on the one to four-pronged strategy if elected? While that is a possibility, it’s unlikely a neo-liberal will publicly commit to such a bold, government-instituted strategy. However, if that should happen, it will be up to Climate Voters to decide for whom to cast their ballots, the neo-liberal, climate preservation candidate or a potential and likely progressive, third party climate preservation candidate. All climate preservation candidates will be listed on RAP’s Citizens Against Extinction website and pledged climate voters will be trusted and encouraged to pick from one of them.

This is climatologist Professor Paul Beckwith discussing the most recent IPCC report that triggered Revolt Against Plutocracy’s change in strategy from Candidate Or Bust to Vital Issue Or Bust. #ClimateOrBust

Victor interviewed Professor Beckwith about his “three-legged bar stool” approach to slowing and reversing climate change.

Yes we can solve this climate emergency, but only when enough voters pledge to only support climate preservation candidates and the chant is heard at the rallies of all candidates for president in 2020: “Climate or BUST!” We must demand a green revolution in the next contest for the White House, or we’ll face certain extinction as the runaway global warming accelerates out of human control to Desert Earth or beyond.

Authentic Climate Preservation Candidate(s) will register on our Citizens Against Extinction website. Their picture, name, party affiliation and ranking will be listed for #ClimateVoters to select from.

In the end it will be profits first or planet first. In the end the people will win or we let the corporate power destroy us. If that is not a revolutionary situation I don’t know what is.~Richard Moser