Neo-liberalism is the political philosophy of the ruling establishment around the world. Our book, Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt, presents a critical analysis of neo-liberalism in the United States. This political philosophy, we note on pp. 204-205, “has permeated and transformed international institutions, non-governmental organizations and even to the roots of society and everyday culture.” Too many Americans have no or very little understanding of this political philosophy which is why we encourage progressives to obtain and #ShareThisBook with other citizens, especially Democrats planning to support Joe Biden. It includes exercises to evaluate candidates using 14 characteristics of neo-liberalism, and it was written as a comprehensive, how-to guide for peaceful revolution in a 2-party system. A more academic understanding of neo-liberalism titled “How Neoliberalism Reinvented Democracy” is presented in an interview format.

In  “Top Five Things That Simply Aren’t Going To Fly Anymore So Just Stop It, author Kathy Padden replies to number 4 top thing, “If Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, I’ll vote for whoever does, because TRUMP!,” with “If you’ll vote for a neo-liberal corporatist because you’re afraid of the Awful…Anus, do NOT call yourself a Progressive.” Predatory, neo-liberal, imperial capitalism is the disease Americans are rejecting; Trump is a symptom. For many voters, he was, in the 2016 election, unfortunately the only realistic option to reckless warmonger and neo-liberal Hillary Clinton. Only progressives, not conservatives, not libertarians and clearly not the neo-liberal “centrists” themselves, offer a cure to this particularly predatory stage of capitalism.

This web page is an attempt to list the neo-liberal, corporate-friendly candidates for President in 2020 and to expose their records. Candidates lie, so pay attention to what they have done, not what they say as a candidate. Starting with the 2016 election, who aligned with the uber-neoliberal, Secretary Clinton?

Former Vice-President Joe Biden:

Biden exemplifies a disastrous approach of jettisoning progressive principles and failing to provide a progressive populist alternative to right-wing populism. That’s the history of 2016. It should not be repeated.” ~Norman Soloman

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