For immediate release: “or Bust” 2020, or why Biden will CERTAINLY be defeated

Why a COVID 19 depression will not save Biden’s candidacy

If Senator Sanders does not become the Democratic Party nominee, the Bernie or Bust organizers are going to use their PAC, network connections (see attached from WSJ) and email list of 53,000+ voter pledge-takers to make sure everyone they can reach understands that Joe Biden is both a male version of Hillary Clinton and mentally unfit to be President.
2020 = 2016 plus dementia.
These mostly cyber-connected organizers are not pioneers this time around. They have been building a democratic, electoral version of the broader #DemExit that’s already underway.  If Senator Sanders gives up his campaign as a Democrat and doesn’t run as an Independent, Green or write-in candidate, the “or bust” phase of this strategy will begin. After the Convention in Milwaukee, if there is one (but in July either way), there will be a vote by Bernie or Bust pledge-takers as to which progressive, third party candidate will be supported in their anti-Biden attack ads, memes, and narratives. While it’s unlikely that 3rd party candidate will win the election, the strategy coordinates progressives who wish to vote their conscience in opposition to both the neo-liberal Democrat and the neo-fascist President and greatly reduces the chances that Biden will defeat Trump this year.
The mainstream view that Joe Biden is more electable than Senator Sanders is false. There are significant reasons why VP Joe Biden, if nominated, cannot and will not defeat President Trump:
~Revolt Against Plutocracy
 We literally wrote the book on electoral leverage and are convinced that, because of Biden’s support for the TPP, his “muscular” exercise of foreign policy and his mental decline, a President Biden would be more dangerous than four more years of Trump. He is a crap shoot at best.  Biden’s insufficient and neo-liberal approach to climate change will not aid human survival for any more than a generation or two if human extinction ends up becoming one of the upshots of the runaway global warming that is underway. The human race needs a new energy order where citizens again will need to “bend the curve” of energy usage to give technology enough time to slow, stop and someday reverse climate change with new technologies. The climate problem requires world cooperation that neither Trump or Biden seem interested in developing.


The Bernie or Bust strategy was begun and continues to be organized by the co-founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy and owner of  this website. For more information, contact Allen Howell, host of the Bernie or Bust Show.