Use #BernieOrBust pledge to fight the corporate media bias

It’s no secret that the corporate media, from the NY Times, the Washington Post to CNN and MSNBC, has it out for Senator Sanders’ candidacy for President of the United States. Watch MSNBC’s Brian Williams cherry pick from thousands of favorable #MyBernieStory tweets to cite one from an anonymous tweeter:

Watch this short video by Matt Orfalea:

Krystal Ball on rising for The Hill lays it out:

The journalists’ owners do not want Bernie to control the Executive Branch of government or lead a successful political revolution, so they are smearing Senator Sanders and undermining his candidacy. So what can Bernie’s supporters do about this?

A lot. Begin by understanding that #BernieOrBust is a battle cry of the revolution. Then:

  1. Take the Bernie or Bust 2020 voter pledge,
  2. Let people know you’re Bernie or Bust offline,
  3. Let people know you’re Bernie or Bust online (watch first 7 minutes of this tutorial),
  4. Help recruit Berners to become Busters on Facebook or elsewhere online and turn this strategy into a force that cannot be ignored.
  5. Let people know that #BernieOrBust is a warning because it is a foregone conclusion for the current election cycle. If Senator Sanders is not the nominee of the Democratic Party, President Trump will certainly be re-elected barring a recession first.
  6. #ShareThisBook, click book cover to the right ===>

Although Bernie or Bust is the smallest of four categories of voters that includes Bernie or Trump swing voters and poor voters, who will stay home unless a real progressive is on the ballot, it will have an out-sized impact on Democrats’ thinking since most of them want a candidate who can beat Trump, regardless of policies he or she advocates. Doing at least some of these things will help build leverage for Senator Sanders and bypasses the media to get the  message that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running as a Democrat that we will support on November 3, 2020.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s David Doel from the Rational National explaining the lie of the Horse Whisperer’s tweet Williams cited and the corporate media bias against Senator Sanders.