Busters needed to hammer revolution

Revolt Against Plutocracy

Five months before getting covered in the mainstream media in 2015, #BernieOrBust got extensive coverage in a Newsweek story about why some of Bernie Sanders’ supporters will not vote for Senator Warren. Newsweek also granted us the opportunity to publish an opinion piece, “ ‘Bernie or Bust’ is a Warning: Ignore It, and Trump wins.”  If they are willing to report on this strategy that began as a movement in the current election cycle, then the independent, progressive media should be reporting on this revolutionary electoral revolt that is bound to affect the outcome of the 2020 election for the White House, one way or another. So far, they are not doing so. Whether media personalities embrace, denounce or merely report in neutral, balanced manner this strategy is, of course, up to them; but they should know that not covering this election story is a dereliction of their duty to inform their listening audiences.

You can help get the progressive media’s attention. Even if you contact one of the below-listed media personalities or organizations a week, please make the effort to reach out to these people on social media and ask them in your own words why they have not covered the Bernie or Bust movement or the more numerous Bernie or Trump swing voters.  Victor Tiffany explains how each affected the outcome of the 2016 general election.

We have since confirmed the 26% (of 103 polled Berners) figure and Business Insider has reported that as many as a third of Sanders supporters will not support Senator Warren in a match up against Donald Trump in 2020. There is no doubt in our minds that under current economic conditions, Bernie or Bust is a foregone conclusion. Democrats can either nominate Senator Sanders or Trump will be re-elected!

You can copy and paste the left hand column into Facebook search bar to find and them message their page or C & P the right hand column to send a tweet to one or more of them asking them to cover the #BernieOrBust movement and/or the Bernie or Trump voters. Let them know that MSM (Newsweek) has covered this vital election story, but be pleasant about it in your message/tweet. We want favorable coverage.

On Facebook, they can contact Revolt Against Plutocracy for more information, a quote or an interview with Victor Tiffany; and on Twitter they can tweet @BernieOrBust to reach Victor.  Please view entire list before starting. Thank you so much for your help.

The Humanist Report  @HumanistReport

The Rational National  @TRNshow

The Micheal Brooks Show  @_michaelbrooks
Krystal Ball   @krystalball
Saagar Engeti   @esaagar
Progressive Soapbox   @theProgSoapbox
Secular Talk   @KyleKulinski
Joe Rogan podcast @joerogan
In These Times  @inthesetimesmag
Jacobin  @jacobinmag
Branko Marcetic  @BMarchetich
Current Affairs   @curaffairs
Jimmy Dore   @jimmy_dore
Truthout  @truthout
Michael Moore  @MMFlint (has a podcast called “Rumble”)
Truthdig   @Truthdig
Kate Aronoff  @KateAronoff
Redacted Tonight  @RedactedTonight
Garland Nixon   @GarlandNixon
Mint Press News  @MintPressNews
Common Dreams   @commondreams
Chicago Tribune   @chicagotribune
Majority Report   @imajortvm
David Packman   @dpakman
Convo Couch  @theconvocouch
NoFilterTYT   @NoFilterTYT
Tim Black @RealTimBlack
Jordan Chariton  @JordanChariton
The Real News   @TheRealNews
Ring of File  @ringoffireradio

Do not contact:

Niko House–already did cover Bernie or Bust
Ben Dixon–already refused to cover Bernie or Bust
Other podcasters–have been willing to interview me

Thank you again for your help trying to get the media to cover Bernie or Bust, Bernie or Trump or both categories of decisive voters.