Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

“Movements are built from the bottom up, not the top down.” ~Harold Meyerson

Since the deployment of Bernie or Bust 1.0 is viewed by some (uninformed) Democrats as the reason Clinton lost the election to Trump in 2016, there are bound to be apprehensions.  What follows are replies to the legitimate concerns which we suspect voters might understandably have.

Question one: What if Senators Sanders disapproves of #BernieOrBust 2.0?

Answer one: He never expressed disapproval of Bernie or Bust, but it would not have mattered. We were never going to negotiate with the Clinton campaign for our votes. Revolutionaries are done voting for neo-liberal globalists, what Bernie called “the economic establishment.” Bernie or Bust is a #WarOnNeoliberalism, and Tulsi or Trash the Democratic Party is a #StrategyForPeace. The moment Sanders denounces #BernieOrBust is the moment everyone will know his “political revolution” is a mere campaign slogan.

Question two: How will the voter pledge be enforced?

Answer two: Members of Revolt Against Plutocracy will not accompany anyone into a voting “booth” and look over people’s shoulders to make sure pledge-takers abide by their pledge. While someone can take the pledge if they’re only bluffing, we discourage it. Don’t bluff; bust the neo-liberal establishment!

Question three: What happens if this ends up getting Trump re-elected?

Answer three: Then the world will be doomed from a climate change perspective. The same is true, however, if another neo-liberal Democrat wins the election. Remember, President Obama’s “all the above” approach to energy did nothing to curb fossil fuel emissions.

Question four: Why is Representative Tulsi Gabbard Plan B and not Plan A?

Answer four: Although Gabbard is viewed by some as a more progressive and more radical candidate compared to Sanders, she does not have nearly as much name recognition and support from voters. Bernie Sanders, imperfect though he is, is the best bet to get a progressive into the White House. He’s more popular than Donald Trump, and he has the best chance of any Democrat to defeat the 45th President.

Question five: When will Plan B go into effect?

Answer five: If Bernie should become injured or ill and drops out of the race, we would evaluate the remaining progressive candidates and select one to support with leverage. If Bernie is either legitimately defeated in the primaries or robbed again, we would reach out to the establishment candidate in the lead to let him/her know at that point that Bernie or Bust 2.0 is demanding Tulsi Gabbard as Veep (or pledge-takers will trash the Democratic Party).

Question six: Why have a Plan B at all? Why not just deploy a simple Bernie or Bust strategy like 2016?

Answer six: RAP does not want Trump re-elected. Plan B gives the establishment nominee an opportunity to unite the Party base to defeat the fascist, orange clown in the White House. It would place Gabbard in the line of succession and make her one aneurysm, one stroke, one brain tumor away from a peace and justice administration. That would be better than having Mike Pence in the same position. Plan B provides a mechanism to include a second, positive, progressive candidate in an otherwise exclusive election strategy.

Question seven: What about other progressive candidates like Andrew Yang or Marianne Williamson?

Answer seven: If either of them should win the nomination, we will demand they chose Gabbard as their VP.

Question eight: What else can be done aside from taking the voter pledge?

Answer eight: That is completely up to you. If you want to become a district mover and shaker, sign up on the MOVEMENT BUILDING page to become a leverage activist. Party activists and supporters of candidates often put in hours and hours of voluntary time and effort during a political campaign season. Bernie or Bust 1.0 was built be volunteers promoting the pledge on social media and in comment sections of political and news websites.

Question nine: If I previously took the Bernie or Bust, the Jill or BUST or the CFAR or Else pledge, do I need to sign the pledge again?

Answer nine: That would be helpful because we have added another field in the pledge form. However, it is not essential unless you unsubscribed from our newsletter and have since changed your mind. If that is the case, you need to use a different email address to become registered on our newsletter list.

Question ten: Are electoral politics the only revolutionary activities Revolt Against Plutocracy be engaged in?

Answer ten: That is the only work RAP is currently undertaking, but we are exploring the related electoral processes as a relevant and related critical issue to address state by state if need be. Democratic order must function using universal, hand-counted paper ballots.

Question eleven: Why do I have to supply my email address in the pledge form?

Answer eleven: Revolt Against Plutocracy will require a lasting movement to act on various angles to abolish plutocracy. We want to be able to inform pledge-signers about state-wide and national constitutional amendment efforts to overturn the illegitimate Supreme Court decisions that legalized plutocracy. Pledge-signers will not be getting a lot of email from us. We are building a movement of “democracy commando” network activists and that makes use of email lists you also build on your computers at home. Until Citizens United and related Court decisions are overturned, we intend to deploy our resources off and online.

Question twelve: Will you be selling or trading the list of names and email addresses you collect?

Answer twelve: We will not be selling the list to other groups; we are revolutionaries, not entrepreneurs. We traded names and addresses for other revolutionary groups’ lists after we first polled a large sample of pledge-signers and obtained a 60% approval. We, like Sanders, may not be Democrats, but we will act in a broad democratic manner when time permits, and deploy committee majority decision making most of the time.

Question thirteen: How in a nutshell does electoral leverage work?

Answer thirteen: By pledging support for only one or two candidates, the Party members will understand that nominating anyone else will divide the Party and cause another election loss. For more on the subject, see our post On Leverage.

Question fourteen: How will RAP publicize this strategy?

Answer fourteen: This effort is publicized through the recruitment of pledge-takers, and RAP will be periodically notifying the media of the pledge count.

Question fifteen: Why is Tulsi Gabbard Plan B and not one of the two outsiders competing for the Democratic Party nomination?

Answer fifteen: Serious climate action via the Green New Deal will require guts in standing up to political establishment, and one major reason we’ve singled Bernie and Tulsi out of the whole field is that they have both done (rather than just said) things that required standing to the establishment. Gabbard may be first the major party candidate for President use the word “imperialism” to describe American foreign policy. Listen to her interview by Joe Rogan.

Question sixteen: What if I have a question that’s not been answered on this page?

Answer sixteen: Use the form below, and someone will get back to you sooner or later.