Movement Building

Movements are built from the bottom up, not the top down.” ~Harold Meyerson

Revolt Against Plutocracy built an electoral movement in 2015-2016, so we know how to do this and what the pitfalls and obstacles are. Bernie or Bust was built by Senator Sanders’ most ardent supporters who understood how the leverage of voters committed to one and only one candidate (or ideology) could influence the outcome of Democratic Party primaries. Instead of Candidate or Bust, we’re building an Issue or Bust strategy. With your help, we’ll build this into a movement.

In 2019-2020, we will organize volunteers to promote the #ClimateOrBust voter pledge, tutor them on how to use social media and news websites with comment sections to get the idea in front of climate warriors and progressive voters all across the United States. As we indicated on the home page, the idea is to foist the issue of climate preservation into the next election and make it clear to the candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination for President that they must commit to a three or four-pronged approach to stopping and reversing climate change or else they will lose the general election again.

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On this web page will be tutorials showing volunteers how to promote the #ClimateOrBust pledge, how to interact with our critics, how not to promote this pledge, etc. Meanwhile, please register as a Climate or Bust volunteer by clicking the VOLUNTEER button to the right ==>

Below are true and tried click bait approaches to get citizens to take the #ClimatOrBust pledge. Keep coming back and find updates and new ideas to help build the #ClimateOrBust strategy into a movement that ultimately saves the planet. (Yes, we’re that optimistic about this strategy.) Copy and paste them into Facebook posts or tweets directed at accounts with a climate change concern.

Want to save the planet for human survival? Take the #ClimateOrBust pledge today.

More of these recruitment posts and tweets to come.