Movement Building

Movements are built from the bottom up, not the top down.” ~Harold Meyerson

Revolt Against Plutocracy built an electoral movement in 2015-2016, so we know how to do this and what the pitfalls and obstacles are. Bernie or Bust was built by Senator Sanders’ most ardent supporters who understood how the leverage of voters committed to one and only one candidate (or ideology) could influence the outcome of Democratic Party primaries. Instead of Candidate or Bust, we’re building an Issue or Bust strategy. With your help, we’ll build this into a movement.

In 2019-2020, we will organize volunteers to promote the #BernieOrBust 2.0 voter pledge, tutor them on how to use social media and news websites with comment sections to get the idea in front of climate warriors and progressive voters all across the United States. As we indicated on the Green Revolution tab, the idea is to foist the issue of climate preservation into the next election by insisting that Senator Sanders is the Democratic Party nominee.

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On this web page will be tutorials showing volunteers how to promote the #BernieOrBust pledge, how to interact with our critics, how to promote this pledge, promotional graphics, etc. Meanwhile, please register as a Bernie or Bust volunteer by clicking the VOLUNTEER button to the right, and we will get you more resources to use ==>

Below are true and tried click bait approaches to use on Facebook get citizens to take the #BernieOrBust pledge. Keep coming back and find updates and new ideas to help build the #BernieOrBust strategy into a movement that ultimately saves the planet. (Yes, we’re that optimistic about this strategy.) Either copy and paste these short click bait sentences into Facebook posts on groups and individuals on progressive/revolutionary pages that support Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard using the tactics explained in the following tutorial (go slow) or join the innovative Revolt Against Plutocracy RAP Sheet Facebook group where there is a huge database of groups and a tutorial on how to use that database without ending up in “Facebook jail.”

Want to save the planet for human survival? Take the #BernieOrBust 2.0 pledge today.


The world needs the Green New Deal. The GND needs Bernie Sanders. Bernie needs us to demand him as Party nominee. Take the pledge:

Someone on Facebook indicates s/he has signed the pledge. Copy this indented reply from here (leave browser tab open) or paste the following into a word processor document you keep open all the time. (Volunteers receive a working draft to edit for maximum efficiency and personal preferences for their order of social media sections.)

Thank you. The pledge is a commitment. A petition you sign says “please.” The pledge is a demand for a progressive president (Bernie, Tulsi or third party) along with a desire to vote your conscience for strategic reasons as well as moral ones. #LeveragedValues

The following tutorial explains how to use our Bernie or Else Facebook page and the 4-5 Bernie or Bust Facebook pages to easily and quickly recruit all of your Facebook friends to take the Bernie or Bust pledge AND/or get that slogan/demand/strategy in front of millions of Democrats from now until the primaries begin in February of 2020. Two minutes of this video is enough to get the idea.

Worried about landing in Facebook jail? This tutorial explains how to promote the Bernie or Bust pledge risk-free.

This video demonstrates how to promote the Bernie or Bust pledge on Twitter two different ways.

Promotional graphics: Right click and download for later use. Left click to see the webpage.






These two are for Facebook cover photos for personal/community pages and group headers respectively.





General use Bernie or Bust graphics:















There are news and viewpoint websites that allow the posting of comments. The progressives sites are useful for promoting the pledge. This is a partial list of websites where Bernie or Bust voter pledge comments can be posted:

If website will not allow URLs to be added to comments, do something like BernieOrBust did at Newsweek:

Bernie or Bust is a foregone conclusion because 1) of that movement, 2) a larger Bernie or Trump segment of Sanders supporters AND 3) the larger yet group of voters who will not come out for a centrist neo-liberal such as candidates from Biden to Warren. Sander’s army will deliver the poor to the polls. Bernie or Bust because we NEED a political revolution against he establishment selling country down the river with so-called “free-trade” agreements that “fundamentally transform” countries into legal order that were crafted by trans-national corporations during secret negotiations. Bernie is a fair-trader and out side the establishment. Google “Why ONLY Bernie Sanders can defeat Donald Trump” for the math.

Leverage strategy is new, and it frightens people to consider allowing Trump get re-elected, but it’s the neo-liberal, “free-trade” agreements of corporate globalization and job-outsourcing which makes the Blue team just as if not more dangerous to democratic government than Trump’s SCOTUS picks. This threat is detailed in Bernie or Bust. Our memoir anchors an easy to understand how-to guide for peaceful revolution in a 2-party system. #ShareThisBook as part of Revolt Against Plutocracy’s integrated strategy to incite revolution and help Bernie Sanders win the party nomination.

We’re Blue; we’re Green. We use the party machine. Progressive used to be a mainstream faction 110 years ago, but neo-liberal political economics coupled with U.S. Cold War role as anti-communist superpower has marginalized the very political philosophy with the needed governing philosophy. Only progressives will use government to solve problem. Bernie or Bust 2.0 with a back-up plan called #TulsiOrTrash the Democratic Party.