Who’s too old to become President?

People say Bernie Sanders is too old to become President. Really? Why, then, isn’t Cory Booker too black to be President or Tulsi Gabbard too Hindu to be President? That racism and bigotry respectively are equivalent to arguing that a mentally capable 78 year old man with more wisdom and experience in government than almost everyone else who is running for President is “too old.” It’s blatant ageism, pure and simple.

You can tell when someone is too old to become President:

It’s possible Biden had an off night during the second round of debates. To be fair, that happens and should not be held against him. This is from Biden’s first speech as a candidate for President in 2019.

You will not hear this on CNN or MSNBC, but Biden is “sunsetting.” VP Biden is not going to perform well against Donald Trump during the all-important debates that will precede the general election. Barring a crash of the stock market, he will lose to President Trump as he should!

The following speech is by an older man still at the top of his game. Think democratic socialism is scary? Think again.