Bernie or bust pledge is still a declaration of war on Democratic Party establishment

DNCThe DNC and the Democratic Party establishment had the rules of the primary season rigged against Bernie Sanders. From the debate schedule to the temporary blocking of access to the voter database to the use of establishment-oriented super delegates not even the Republicans use, they are in a civil war against insurgent revolutionary: Senator Sanders. In response, Revolt Against Plutocracy declared war on the DNC and party establishment. A plutocracy is a country or society controlled by the wealthy few.

Chris Cillizza is the author of “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. Reviewing the last Democratic Party debate before the primary season begins, he noted that “the Republican National Committee’s attempts to influence the debate calendar…pales in comparison to the travesty the Democratic National Committee has made of its own debates.” That was only the beginning of a series of sleazy maneuvers, both legal and not.

Senator Sanders’ endorsements from and DFA and his early lead in the polls in IA and NH were creating a crisis of legitimacy for the Democratic Party. The political revolution “launched wittingly or unwittingly by comparatively tame “house socialist” Bernie Sanders, could be the death knell for the Democratic Party as we know it. And that’s a very good thing.” The Party, since President Clinton, has become a tool of Wall Street, and the Clintons are integrated in with the neoliberal establishment. The Bernie or bust pledge was a grassroots attempt to compel the Democrats to support the Senator or lose in the general election.

RAP co-founder, Patrick Walker, noted in Nation of Change:

And Bernie’s danger consists precisely in has having gotten so close to Democrats—almost literally under their skin. And when the skin in question is the microfilm-thin epidermis of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Hillary Clinton, Bernie’s potential for lethal damage in almost endless. For their ham-handed overreaches in attempting to contain the “Sanders menace” have contributed—as virtually nothing else could—to delegitimizing today’s decidedly un-Democratic Party. And everything suggests that ham-handedness will only continue and worsen.

He adds, “in Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz [Sanders] has encountered such uncomprehending tools of the corporatist political establishment that a strong movement for revolution seems guaranteed. Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) has consistently sought to organize that revolutionary movement…by organizing our voter pledge to write in Bernie Sanders or vote Green on election day when #CorporateClinton was nominated.” Before going to the Convention, volunteers in RAP’s Bernie or bust army of 120,000+ people at the time.

Is this fight a civil war? It is a revolution against the neoliberal establishment which is shoving global corporate order, so-called “free-trade agreements” down our throats. Hillary said she supports these kind of international trade deals when she supposedly “opposed” the TPP. This is a revolution against militarism. Hillary is an uber-hawk and the standard-bearer of the status quo. We need a revolution now because climate change really is the most critical issue of our time. It does not matter what’s in the Dem. Party platform. They are only campaign documents, not governing documents. The process of global warming — with positive feedback loops in place — is under way, and it is late in the fight for sustainable energy needed to avoid a future of abandoned “old” cities under water and “Neo Seouls” around the ever-warming planet. Civilization is at a pivotal point of turning away from disaster or not. We need to pivot from “what’s good for the wealthy elite is good” to inclusive and sustainable policies. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton traveled the globe promoting hydro-fracking, a dangerous manner to drill for natural gas that releases significant amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. No one, regardless of sex, should consider ever voting for her. The urgent gravity of our climate compels a vote for Jill Stein. Hillary can’t be trusted to not frack, and both Trump and Libertarian Gov. Johnson will fracking acceleration climate change. This political revolution is a fight for the survival of the human race long enough to deploy space travel before the sun boils Earth. This is a peaceful, civil war of ideas and ideals we now call #JillOrBUST.

Bernie’s revolutionary campaign and our grassroots, innovative strategy worked independently and unsuccessfully to help Senator Sanders secure the Democratic Party nomination. Writing in Op-Ed News, Benjamin Kall notes, “In a tight race, which this one will surely be, it is very likely that Bernie could win the electorate primary pledges but he could lose the nomination by way of his peers. There are 4047 total pledges to be made in the party, 794 by the super delegates.” The Bernie or bust movement provided Bernie with leverage he needed at the Convention in Philadelphia.

The Bernie or bust pledge movement became leverage RAP successfully deployed during the primary season in the caucus states by Bernie or bust pledge-takers, but unsuccessfully during the Convention.  Bernie received 47% of the primary votes which meant the superdelegates, members of the Party establishment, could have voted to unite the Party behind Sanders; but, knowing full well she may well lose in November, they went ahead and supported the corporate instrument and neo-conservative, mistake-prone, scandalous candidate the Director of the FBI describes as “extremely careless” with classified information.

The superdelegates were warned Hillary will lose in Nov, and they stuck with her either knowing the race is rigged within the electronic voting machines so she cannot lose.  Either that; or Donald Trump and the Clintons are working together, colluding to ensure Secretary Clinton gets elected. As never before in the history of the two party system, the American people are free to vote however they want in all 50 states. If Trump gets elected, ONLY the Democratic Party superdelegates will be to blame, not Americans voting their conscience instead of their fear. Clinton’s neoliberalism (TPP, fracking, etc) and careless hawkishness renders her as dangerous, if not more-so, as Donald Trump. #FearClintonTrump

Bernie or Bust is now the #JillOrBUST pledge.  Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate, and she is the last revolutionary left standing. The #JillOrBUST pledge to vote Green in Nov. is a continuation of the same compellence.  The war against the Democratic Party establishment continues. The left in the U.S. will have to support Jill Stein or else Trump will win the general election. RAP has a super PAC, and a large donor base.  Dr. Jill Stein has the same amount of experience in government as Donald Trump, but she is far more trustworthy and far less dangerous than he or Secretary Clinton.
Taking the #JillOrBUST pledge involves two easy steps, and both are vital to the success of this necessary movement’s grassroots strategy. They are:
  1. Join thousands of Berners who have filled out a simple form to pledge to (at one time write-in or) vote Green in 2016.* If Jill Stein is not on the ballot, then you will write-in her name, not Senator Sanders’ as that would be a wasted opportunity for revolution. Bernie dropped that fight before stepping on the stage in NH to endorse Sec. Clinton.  With enough leverage, Revolt Against Plutocracy can shock the  Democratic Party establishment — in the news media, across the Internet and with campaign ads — into an understanding that we’re free now to build a revolutionary, national strategy to defeat the revolting plutocrats.  If the electronic voting machines are rigged, there’s no harm voting Green in all 50 states. Doing so will build the party infrastructure necessary to win a national election after the rigged system is straightened out.  If you did not take the Bernie or bust pledge, please take the pledge to vote Green on Nov. 8th by filling out the form here. And…
  2. Please commit yourself to quickly finding at least just two more people to take the #JillOrBUST pledge.  A poll our allies, Popular Resistance, commissioned indicates 59% of Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Hillary Clinton. That same percentage was confirmed by a second poll just before an Pew poll claimed 85% of his supporters will back Clinton.  All three polls were done before the Wikileaks released of DNC emails showing extensive coordinate with the Clinton campaign, payments to Donald Trump, etc. etc. We need your help finding angry Sanders supporters to take the pledge. Time is of the essence; only two months to election day. Please use your email to ask people you know, friends, neighbors, relatives (but no one from work), etc. to take the Jill or BUST pledge before or while asking people in social media and follow up until you know two people have taken the pledge. If every pledge-signer recruits just two more citizens who recruit two more every day, we’ll have over 1,000,000 pledge-takers in less than a month. That’s all you need to do to make this grassroots pressure effective: take the pledge and recruit two more citizens. This is a social media-based revolution, but don’t forget old-fashioned emailing the Berners you know.
If Senator Sanders had not been close enough with elected delegates, RAP would not have gone to Philadelphia. The Bernie or bust movement was leverage, not extortion. We thought Bernie’s money was going to dry up during the superTuesday flood of multi-state advertising, but his strength-in-numbers kept him in the race. Take the pledge and join the RAP revolution, a civil war against the establishment; and provide RAP with the strength in numbers to deploy online/offline tactics and finish this revolution before it’s too late to save the climate from neoliberal extreme extractions that warm the globe even more.

#AllLegalMeans are “weapons” RAP plan to deploy in the civil war against the American plutocracy,  their transnational corporations and their puppets in the Democratic Party. The lesser-of-two revolting plutocrats is a con job! Because the superdelegates were warned, everyone in all 50 states can vote their conscience in 2016. The superdelegates chose Trump when they nominated Hillary Clinton. The revolution Bernie sparked must succeed, or we are doomed as a civilization.  #ABC candidates. #AnyoneButCorporate candidates. #BoycottClintonTrump #JillOrBUST #JillNotHill #JillOrElse #SheepNoMore #WeAreNotAfraid