Media coverage of Bernie Sanders electoral leverage is dismal

Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) is not actively recruiting Senator Sanders supporters to take the #BernieOrBust pledge because the candidate already has enough electoral leverage to undermine any other Democrat. RAP co-founder Victor Tiffany explains:

A graphic of an unscientific, week-long Facebook poll from early September of 2019 is also indicative of the problem any other Democrat will have defeating Trump. (Bernie or Bust groups were not including in the polling.)

This outlier poll reflects the Facebook origins of the Bernie or Bust strategy. However, the 2019 Emerson College and Business Insider polls represent what should be an alarm sounding for Democrats.

The good news for Democrats is that Trump can be defeated, but the bad news for those who favor a “real” Democrat like VP Joe Biden, Senator Warren or any of the other candidates who are life-long members of the Party is that Senator Sanders is the only candidate with the sufficient support outside of the Party to form a winning coalition of the Piketty poor, Trump-rejecting Republicans, climate concerned independent voters, Blue-No-Matter-Who Democrats, Bernie or Trump swing voters and least of all the Bernie or Bust pledge-takers.

Corporate, legacy media is part of the establishment consensus that Bernie Sanders is not to win the nomination even if that means Trump will be re-elected. Therefore, it’s up to the independent, progressive media to cover this story of Sanders’ electoral leverage. All media, including the progressive personalities, who do not cover this leverage story will be responsible for the re-election of Trump if the Democrats choose to nominate a candidate, who cannot defeat the President, when polling consistently shows the Bernie or Trump swing voters and the Bernie or Bust progressive (only) voters (Sanders’ built-in and his built-up leverage) will  re-elect the President next year.


Urgent Message That Leftist Commentators/Celebrities Must Be Persuaded to Deliver

There are less than two months before the primary season of 2020 begins. Unless well-known commentators and celebrities are willing to admit culpability for another four years of Donald Trump, they must step up and report on these facts ASAP. Because of the number of Sanders’ swing voter supporters, only #BernieBeatsTrump must be broadly understood as point of conclusive polling and context  before the primary voting begins. Not only that, but Sanders campaign insiders also must make it clear to the the entire Party that the Bernie or Trump fraction are a force to be reckoned with. We do not expect the Bernie camp to give support or approval to this segment of his supporters, but they need to figure out how to warn other Democrats of the undeniable influence of this voting bloc.

Silence on this issue is not an ethical option. No less now than in the time of Paul Revere, this warning must be delivered by anyone who is serious about defeating Donald Trump.