CFAR activists have a number of tasks to undertake to run a successful Renew or Else in 2018 strategy in their respective congressional districts. This page is designed to provide the information and tools needed get those tasks completed. You are encouraged to both watch the videos and read the texts which may add something left out in the video. Before acting, it’s vital to initally watch the first two of these videos. That will get you started. Then come back to learn how to build your list of voters pledged to C-FAR candidates only. This is a crucial element of the Renew or Else strategy. The more voters you get to pledge themselves to C-FAR candidates only, the stronger the leverage will become.

One. Find your candidates, so you can ask them to sign a negotiated CFAR.

Two. Before communicating with candidates for Congress (House or Senate), first listen to John explain the delicate approach we’re recommending.

You can obtain hard copies of the appropriate C-FAR here or ask the candidate of your choice to go to our candidate portal to get more information about C-FARs and to download a hard copy to sign and hand you. The candidates’ website is citizens against plutocracy dot org, and the hard copies are available to download on the CFARS tab. If you get a candidate to sign a C-FAR, please register him or her on the C-FAR candidate form in the middle of the home page called See FAR. We provide links to that website, where we inform and sign up candidates who have signed a C-FAR, from this website, where we guide leverage revolutionaries; but there is no link from the candidates’ website back to this one.

Victor had a conversation with the progressive candidate in his district that he recruited. Be persistent and flexible. Victor and Rick offer more good advice to CFAR activists. Only AFTER recruitment do you want to lay out the CFAR voter pledge that should serve as leverage in the primary if a Democrat and the general if a third party candidate. Building that voter pledge is key to helping your CFAR candidate.

Three. Build your list of voters pledged to support C-FAR candidates only. This is a little tricky, and it would serve you well to get assistance from someone with experience creating and using Google documents.

If you cannot find your Google drive, try clicking here or on this Google docs image ===>

The first update to this tutorial is the shift we have made as we developed this strategy from C-FAR or Green to C-FAR or Lose and now to Renew or Else. On the blog or website where you host this pledge sign-up form, spell out what the priorities will be for C-FAR-pledged voters. Our recommendations are:

  1. First choice is a C-FAR Democrat because they still have the best chance of winning in the general election
  2. Second choice is a C-FAR third party or independent candidate if no C-FAR Democrat is on the ballot
  3. Third option is to write-in a C-FAR candidate where permitted.

While the second choice may actually help the third party or independent candidate win his or her election against the Rep/Dem political duopoly, the primary objective of the 2nd and 3rd options is to help defeat the neo-liberal Democrats in the general election. That’s how we enforce “or lose in November.”

You may be able to Google search “making a list from an online form visitors fill out.” The Internet is a potent tool we’re able to use in many ways to attain electoral success. Remember, while we can frame a broad outline of an electoral strategy designed to defeat neo-liberal Democrats first in the primaries and then in the general election when the progressive is defeated by the non-C-FAR Democrat, we’re not in the chair next to you answering questions. We’re provide ideas, memes and soundbites, but ultimately we are all pioneers of electoral revolt against neo-liberal candidates. If a candidate can’t sign a stripped-down C-FAR, he or she “might be a” neo-liberal.

Also, if you can get a pledge form built with exclusive access to the “datebase” (names, email addresses, congressional district number), but you cannot find a platform to host it for some reason, we can set that up for you on our candidates’ website. Your local webpage won’t be visible on that site, but you’ll have the URL to use to share on social media and in email communications to prospective pledge-takers. To arrange this, either leave a comment with contact information on our “About us” page or leave a message for us on our Facebook page. You can always stop using it if you recruit someone capable of starting a free blog that appears to be an expensive cyberspace platform to support either the Renew or Else voter pledge strategy and/or the CFAR-signing candidate you prefer.

As you learn more and get your district team together, you can come back to this page where we intend to provide greater and greater advice, tips, memes and guidance to leverage activists around the country working to make the 2018 midterms a Renewal, wave election.

Four. One you have either a pledge established for your district or our generic CFAR voter pledge, available on our candidates website, you can promote that pledge using the techniques presented by Victor in the following tutorial.

This is the media website Victor worked from: http://www.usnpl.com/

Thank you for all you do.