If Bernie wins Saturday, there is no way anyone could take the nomination without sabotaging the Party’s chances of defeating Trump. ONLY Bernie beats Trump in current economy because of 1) turn-out (his army plus few progressive parts of Democratic machine) of poor and poorly educated typically non-voters, what he calls a “political revolution,” 2) the 1.5 million Sanders-Trump swing voters (discovered in 2017 survey and confirmed in 2019 polling) and last and probably least (but organized),3) #BernieOrBust voters.

South Carolina/Super Tuesday

PLEASE stop using #BernieOrBust and switch to #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump (it’s a fact) along with http://  swingvotersmatter.us (see below) anywhere you function online. Social media, email, chat rooms, etc. In the next week, we pioneers of electoral revolt need to weaponize the understanding (knowledge) that no one else can beat Trump by posting, tweeting, sharing, emailing, etc. why #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump. If Mayor Bloomberg spends Sanders away from the majority he needs to become the nominee, the Party will certainly lose again. If Biden somehow comes back, the Sanders-Trump swing voters and Bernie or Bust might be numerically overcome by 2016 Dem. Party non-voters and Obama-Trump swing voters return, but I doubt it. The working class fraction of the electorate is moving in Bernie or Trump’s direction. The “center” (neo-liberalism) is collapsing, and you won’t hear that expressed much in the legacy media.

Read swingvotersmatter.us to understand why Bernie or Bust was never needed. Sanders has his own leverage, enough to have claimed responsibility for Clinton’s defeat had they been organized, by independent, swing voters who prefer change. And they are still with Sanders.  This is easy:


because http://swingvotersmatter.us

As you can see on the website, this counter-narrative is about electability, and the establishment media has it wrong on all three key points: turn-out, swing voters and leverage (pollsters often do not ask about) all benefit Bernie in contest against Trump. The Party elite are not concerned Bernie is going to lose. They are terrified that he’s going to win. This is a revolution to do to a major party what neo-fascist Trump accomplished last time in no small part because Republicans do not have superdelegates.

Bernie must win on the first round of voting at the July convention, so he needs over 50% of the delegates. That makes this next week critical, not just for South Carolina but super Tuesday as well. #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump is popping up ahead while typing it on Twitter, so there’s a small “bubble” in place now that we need to turn upto a high “boil.” On Facebook, a key target for messaging, add http:// to this URL: swingvotersmatter.us and remember to ask people to share on Facebook and RT on Twitter.

Because swingvotersmatter.us  #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump
#OnlyBernieBeatsTrump because swingvotersmatter.us

Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) built an electoral leverage strategy called Bernie or Bust that was and remains in place using tactics on social media just like that above. Let’s have a revolution, but voters resent being told who they must vote for (#BernieOrBust). #OnlyBernieBeatsTrump is factual and clear and they can figure it out. Who’s “they.” Everyone you can reach out to through all legal means between now and March 3. Last Saturday, we asked Busters to hand out quarter sheet flyers to people in line to caucus that conveyed the Sanders-Trump voters, and exit polling since then shows that it was the first time Bernie was viewed as more electable.

RAP cannot do this alone, and this isn’t for us. This tactic and effort is for Bernie and the world he’ll change as President. He doesn’t need Bernie or Bust, but we’re the only folks who understand the triple impact of turn-out, his swing voters and organized leverage.

Only if you’re interacting with a Bloomberg supporter, we recommend being militant:

Enough is enough; it’s Bernie or Bust!

They need to be reminded he can’t win without progressive support. Last minute voters, on the other hand, need to come to the realization that both swing voters and turn out matters. Bernie or Busters are carrying and inserting that elect ability information out of the blue and across the Internet at this critical juncture of the primaries. Think of #BernieOrBust as a cyber army on a covert mission: showing the swing-voter “demand” to as many people as possible this next week for Bernie without making the demand (“or Bust).

#OnlyBernieBeatsTrump for general usage and #BernieOrBust to anyone supporting Bloomberg because we’re just not going to allow a racist Republican to buy the nomination, rob Sanders and win in November.

RAP doesn’t have an ad budget. We’re counting on you. We’re not building a movement this time around because you are the movement. Together, we’re moving the Overton Window over to Bernie using primarily swing-voter information and (understood or explicit) #BernieOrBust electoral leverage. We still have the turn-out messaging we can use, if needed, down the road. The superdelegates will know about the normally non-voters if they haven’t figured out by then how effective the political revolution approach to winning elections is by the convention.