Bernie or Bust Organizers Announce Sanders’ Potent Electoral Leverage

The organization behind the unprecedented Bernie or Bust voter pledge strategy and movement of 2016, Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP), announces polling which indicates Senator Sanders’ built-in and built-up electoral leverage of supporters, who refuse to vote for the Democrat by either crossing over to Trump or by voting for a progressive, third party candidate (#BernieOrBust), adds up to about the same numbers as in 2016 when the Bernie or Trump voters ALONE sufficed to cause Secretary Clinton’s defeat.

The multi-media web post of this announcement explains in video, screen share detail, polling showing why only #BernieBeatsTrump under current economic conditions:

RAP is no longer actively recruiting citizen pledges on our voter pledge website because there are more than enough Bernie or Trump voters to secure defeat for the Democratic Party nominee if that person is not Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders has four electoral advantages no other Democrat has:

  1. A federal job guarantee to improve upon already low unemployment rate.
  2. An army of volunteers working to find citizens who do not usually vote at all unless there is a social democrat like Sanders on the ballot. A 2018 study published by Thomas Piketty indicates there are millions of these non-voters who could be mobilized by the Senator’s populist agenda.
  3. His own voter data base connected via smart phones to Bern App, used to update citizen’s status, encourage supporters of Sanders’ agenda to register to vote, GOTV, etc.
  4. Approximately same number of his supporters as in 2016 who will not support another Democrat. On this list, Bernie or Bust is the least of another Party nominee’s problems.

Should Senator Sanders secure the nomination, Bernie or Bust will be replaced by #BernOrBURN for the general election.

          RAP Contacts:

Victor Tiffany                                                (607) 327-0029

Allen Howell                                            (717) 406-5038

Tiffany is the co-author of Bernie or Bust, a published memoir of RAP’s 2016 strategy and manifesto for democratic order, and the godfather of the movement. Howell is a member of the RAP decision-making committee and host of the Bernie or Bust Show on YouTube.