Turnkey Revolution for BUSTers

Revolt Against Plutocracy’s  #1 mission is to get “BernieOrBUST” in front of the eyes of as many Democrats as possible in the next 6 months. If we don’t convey “Bernie or BUST” to enough Democrats to have an impact (nominating Sanders), then all us Busters are doing is helping Trump. That is NOT our goal.

The media is NOT covering this strategy again, so we have to become the media. We have to circumvent the obstructionist, counter-revolutionary corporate media to build Bernie or Bust into a movement Democrats will not dare ignore.
Revolt Against Plutocracy has two tactics we are using in our 2020 integrated strategy: offline and online.
Offline: If you own a truck/car or use a company vehicle (if allowed), please get a Bernie or Bust bumper sticker. It conveys the demand and points people to a website where we explain RAP’s 2020 Independent Revolutionary Integrated Strategy (IRIS). In 2016, all we had were various pledges. Now we have 1) multiple versions of the pledge, 2) a bumper sticker to promote the pledge, and 3) our book which explains why a revolution is needed and how to make one happen within the confines of a 2-party system. Get your bumper sticker here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bobsticker2
Online: Although we want to promote the slogan/demand/sticker/strategy/book on all social media and news websites that allow comments, Facebook is where we have developed two tactics that will not land anyone in “Facebook jail” the way posting a lot does. Facebook is still where most people are found and the place where we can easily reach them. (A Twitter tutorial is available on our Movement Building page.)
  • Using the RAP Sheet on Facebook, bump existing, old posts to the top of our huge list of Bernie, progressive, revolutionary and book groups. Book groups reach outside of the progressive left echo chamber. Do this by following this  video tutorial:
  • Also on Facebook, search (at the top) for any Bernie or Bust or RAP’s Bernie or Else page and use the “Invite your friends to like this page” link on the right hand column. (See tutorial below.) The fastest way to get the word out is to click on that “Invite…” link but replace the default message with “I’m inviting you to like Bernie or Bust page because President Sanders is essential for democracy and climate preservation” or “I’m inviting you to like Bernie or Else page because President Sanders is essential for democracy and climate preservation.” (This tactic gets “Bernie or Bust” or “Bernie or Else” in front of people even if they don’t visit or “Like” the page.) Then “Select All” your friends and click “Send Invites.” If you have a lot of friends, you will need to do this 3-6 times for each of the 4 Bernie or Bust pages and RAP’s Bernie or Else page. It’s not “Likes” we’re after. We want to get Bernie or Bust in front of voters’ eyes over and over again in the next 6 months. The first couple of minutes of this tutorial demonstrates how to do this:
When you bump a post with a comment (see tutorial above), it’s probably safe to use a URL every time. http://bernieorbust.info is where we have the 2020 IRIS fully explained. On a post already using that URL, please use the pledge URL as follows:
EXAMPLE Facebook post comment: Bernie or Bust is a pledge. http://bernieorbust2020.us
Thank you so much for your help. Without your support, Bernie or Bust is just a useless slogan.

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