Be #BernieOrBust LOUD and Proud…or else!

The Bernie or Bust portion of Senator Sanders’ supporters is his revolutionary base, as opposed to those who will vote Blue should Bernie or Tulsi Gabbard, Plan B for Bernie or Bust 2.0, not end up securing the “Democratic” Party nomination. If you are a Bernie or Buster; you are a bold revolutionary. However, if  we do NOT let as many people know about #BernieOrBust as we can manage to, between now and the Iowa caucuses, then all we are doing is helping Donald Trump get re-elected!

In 2016, Bernie or Bust did not begin with a 47,000 member list of anti-neoliberal revolutionaries like you. Not all of us can sing or write, but we all can all take part in sending a message to registered Democrats. In fact, we have to; so they know about this demand for progressive leadership in the White House. The media isn’t covering Bernie or Bust 2.0 yet. (It’s been mentioned, bemoaned and lied about, but no one has asked for an interview or reported the election story of Bernie or Bust 2.0.) It’s up to all of us to contribute to a publicity campaign using this Internet, as we are situated in life and qualified, and our vehicles, if we have one, to take action. Otherwise, to stress this point, we’ll just help re-elect Trump. #NotOurGoal

For a donation of only $4.45, we will send you a bumper sticker. Please use our Act Blue account by clicking on the bumper sticker below. Bumper stickers orders must end in X.45 as an indication to us that you want a bumper sticker mailed to your home. Why .info?

Below this video, which explains the essential importance of Revolt Against Plutocracy’s highest, current priority for announcing to the country that Bernie or Bust is back and as serious as we were in 2016, is a list of other options essential to build the buzz, the loud Internet-transmitted slogan, need, desire, demand, strategy, book and non-violent “war” against establishment Democrats–#BernieOrBust! 

Actions for Revolutionaries:

  1. Acquire a BernieOrBUST bumper sticker here or the blue graphic ==>
  2. Ask a Democrat if he or she is Bernie or Bust. It doesn’t matter if you know they are not because they support another candidate. They are the target of this ask-around tactic! We are sending a message, and we have this Internet. E-mail, social media, website comments, anywhere whether you can leave a URL or not, start with “Who here is Bernie or Bust?” or “Are you Bernie or Bust yet?” If you can add a URL with your comment on a given website, it would help our movement-building to use That movement-building need is our second highest priority. (Four years ago, it was our highest priority. Bernie or Bust is much larger and well known before we launched Bernie or Bust 2.0 in late April.)
  3. The third highest priority, if you don’t own a vehicle but want to take action within this voter pledge leverage strategy, is the acquire and then #ShareThisBook. The 1st and the last three chapters were written to explain the need for an American revolution, how to survive Trump’s wrecking ball by weakening him as a candidate (#resistance) and, most importantly, how to get Bernie the nomination. (The rest is the memoir we encourage most people to skip as Victor explains in the video above.)
  4. Already have the book? Still want to contribute something significant? Bernie has a million volunteers to help him, but their workload

    varies over time. We need around 100 volunteers to repeat the movement-building attained in 2015-2016. There’s no rule saying a Buster has to choose between helping with the campaign as needed and helping promote Bernie or Bust voter pledge when you have the time. The work promoting Bernie or Bust is most likely 100% online unless Sanders comes to a city near you and you’re able to get quarter sheet flyers printed. Please sign up <==here to help replicate the movement-building success of Bernie or Bust in 2015-2016.

  5. Citizens Against Plutocracy is a Political Action Committee because it requires money to run a national strategy. You decide what  you can afford to offer our CAP PAC once or monthly between now and Nov. 2020. The Donate button on the right hand column will land on our fund-raising website page. Thank you again!

Thank you. The more of us who function as a revolutionary “army,” the more likely Democrats will decide not to risk losing again and unify around the wise, democratic socialist and U.S. Senator. In debates, Bernie will effectively dismiss the concerns over “socialism.” That’s not our concern. Our mission between now and the first caucus in February 2020 is to make sure as many Democrats as possible have heard or seen the Bernie or BUST message. 

Allen Howell further explains the need to get the Bernie or Bust demand in front of Democrats between now and the Iowa caucuses.