Why ONLY Bernie Sanders can defeat Donald Trump

Has anyone heard a Kamala or Bust slogan being chanted? Biden or Bust? Beto or Bust? Booker or Bust? Warren or Bust? Amy or Bust? Jay or Bust? Castro or Bust? Buttigieg or Bust? You get the idea. Electoral leverage is being applied (again) for only one candidate for President, but #BernieOrBust is NOT the biggest problem for the Democratic Party establishment and their supporters.

Revolt Against Plutocracy* co-founder Victor Tiffany explains why only Bernie Sanders has a good chance of defeating President Trump in the 2020 general election.

Keith Spencer covered Piketty’s analysis of voter behavior in France, England and the United States in a Salon article titled “There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate.” With the world on the cusp of climate collapse, the stakes in the next election could not possibly be higher. Writing in Common Dreams, novelist John Atcheson concluded:

A centrist candidate—which, let’s be honest, means one who is beholden to the uber rich and corporations—cannot and will not address these truly existential issues. Only a progressive candidate can and will.

People understand two things. First, government has been taken over by oligarchs and second, it no longer represents them.  Some of them are mad as hell, and they vote for the likes of Trump because he at least shares their inchoate rage at the system, even if he reinforces it with his policies. Others are justifiably cynical and choose to stay home on election day.

That’s how Trump won in 2016. Targeting a few more votes from the mythical center won’t change that. Getting the no shows to show will. And only a progressive can do that. [Emphasis added]

The sooner rank and file Democrats planning to vote in the primaries next year understand that only Senator Sanders has a chance of defeating a President when the economy is growing and unemployment is low, the better human’s chances are for attaining climate preservation. Therefore, please share that video of Victor explaining why only Sanders and defeat Trump on social media, in emails etc.

For skeptics who doubt whether the Bernie or Bust strategy will have an impact in 2020, consider the following:

At this time four years ago, this pioneering strategy was comprised of:
  • a Facebook page
  • a stupid, write-in strategy
  • a website launched on 6/22/2015

RAP launched the Bernie or Bust 2.0 strategy in late April, four years after the conversation that sparked Bernie or Bust, and have:

Revolt Against Plutocracy




  • Plutocracy is a society or country controlled by the wealthiest members.