Here’s why only Bernie can defeat Trump


The American people have locked themselves into a 2-party mental prison. Because of that, Trump will either be re-elected or he and/or Pence will be replaced by a Democrat. The question Democrats are asking themselves is, “Who is best suited to defeat a sitting President running on a strong and growing economy?”

The vote-Blue-no-matter-who folks will vote for Bernie Sanders.* They say so. The Bernie or Bust folks will not support a neo-liberal “centrist” ever again. They say so. The Bernie or Trump folks will vote for a fascist if Bernie is not the nominee. They tell pollsters so. Do the math.  A united Democratic Party has a much better chance at defeating Trump than one divided, where 8+ percent of  one candidate’s supporters refuse to support any other candidate except for the one or two they are pledged to support.


Party loyalty

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Millennials and the “Bernie or Bust generation” will vote for Bernie in large numbers because he’s almost the only candidate speaking directly about the issues they face with low wages and student debt. Others have talked about it, sure; but Bernie walks his talk. He has stood before Walmart’s board of directors and called them out for their bad labor practices. He was the first to do a town hall on Fox News, speaking right into the living rooms of Trump’s supporters. Who else would have been the first to do that? None of the current contenders except for Tulsi Gabbard. Staks Rosch wrote an insightful post noting, “Bernie Sanders has the best chance of defeating Donald Trump. The Bernie or Bust movement seals that deal.” Polls confirm that assertion is true again in 2020.

Bernie or Bust is a strategy that demands a progressive candidate, someone who is essential for the dangerous time we live in. There is a climate emergency too many people do not understand because our brains have not evolved to comprehend decades-long crises that threaten the entire species.  The adults in the room have to put their foot down and demand a progressive for the Executive Branch of government. Neo-liberals, the so-called “moderate” or “centrist” Democrats, are part of the fossil fuel problem.  So are conservatives, Libertarians and fascists. Neo-liberal “centrists” are also supporters of so-called “free-trade” agreements which American voters are rejecting. Only a progressive has the governing philosophy needed to use government to solve problems brought on by both corporate and government behaviors. Without this essential progress, the human race will probably not survive to 2100. The climate emergency is a species-threatening crises of pesticide overuse, global warming, mass extinctions, industrial farming and mass plastics malpractice to name more obvious problems faced by the human race.

Extensive research shows “that nominating centrist Democrats who don’t speak to class issues will result in a great swathe of voters simply not voting.” For the Democrats to win the general election, Bernie will be have to be the nominee in order to get the Democrats, the independents, low income folks, low education people, the millennials, and the post-millennial “Bernie or Bust” generation. No one else can do that. Joe Biden can’t promise support from more than the loyal Democratic voters, and those were not enough to beat Trump in 2016. They sure as hell won’t be enough in 2020, either.

So, if you support Senator Sanders and want to strengthen this argument in support of Bernie as the Democratic Party nominee and help convey that every other candidate running for that nomination will result in Trump’s re-election, take the innovative #BernieOrBust pledge now. There is no Biden or Bust because those folks advocate for Any Blue Will Do.