Bigger, smarter and better Bernie or Bust 2.0 newsletter announcement

Revolt Against Plutocracy

Fellow revolutionary,

I have a favor to ask before explaining Bernie or Bust 2.0 of those of you who signed on to a leverage strategy against the Democratic Party establishment since 2015. Before [exiting web page] in disagreement with Revolt Against Plutocracy’s 2020 approach to demanding specific Democratic Party nominees, please at least hear the full announcement on our YouTube channel, read this entire message AND listen [Victor’s] oral explanation of a back-up plan, in case Bernie has to drop out or loses again because too many Democrats are sleazy counter-revolutionaries, also on YouTube. A written summary and explanation of Bernie or Bust 2.0 follows these two links.
Bernie or Bust 2.0: (16 minutes)
Plan B: (7 minutes)
#BernieOrBust2020 = #BernieOrBust = Bernie or Bust 2.0 #SheepNoMore #WePledgedSo
In February, many of our newsletter subscribers voted in our selection of which candidate RAP will apply electoral leverage for, and 69% of you voted for Bernie or Bust. The problem with this kind of exclusive strategy (“or Bust” = screw the Blue, I’m voting third party this time around) is, what happens in 2020 if that nominee is Tulsi Gabbard? That didn’t make sense to us. While most of the digs against her are BS propaganda (she’s changed after experiencing war first hand), she’s not, as Bernie Sanders is not, perfect. She is, [from RAP’s perspective], damn close to perfect on foreign policy. [How often have you] heard a major party candidate for President use the word “imperialism” to describe American foreign policy?
Plan A: Bernie or Bust the Democratic Party is almost the same as 2016. If Democrats are stupid, Trump will be re-elected. That means they will refuse to unite the Party behind nominee Bernie Sanders or Rep Tulsi Gabbard. Although Andrew Yang received more votes than Tulsi Gabbard in February (14% to 11%), one of his supporters let me know he was able to vote several times because he uses dynamic IP. As a committee, we decided to foist the unflappable Gabbard on the Democratic Party ticket as a backup plan.
Plan B: Tulsi or Trash the Democratic Party is a luxury compared with 2016 when Bernie or Bust (election leverage) would have been dead in the water had Bernie gotten ill or hurt and had to drop out of the contest. Like Bernie or Bust, #TulsiOrTrash is a demand…Senator Sanders may need to negotiate with another candidate or two to get to 50%+ in the first round of [convention] voting in 2020, and we suspect he would make Tulsi the Secretary of State [after defeating the proto-fascist in the White House.]
Serious climate action via the Green New Deal will require guts in standing up to political establishment, and one major reason we’ve singled Bernie and Tulsi out of the whole field is that they’ve done (rather than just said) things that required standing to the establishment. Our announcement column, published in Nation of Change, makes it clear neo-liberal, racist Joe Biden is public enemy number 2, right after number 1, the proto-fascist in the White House. We judge Biden–the most establishment Dem candidate–requires a bigger pre-election sacrifice to gain our trust than any other nominee. We are certain the idea of Tulsi as his running mate would disgust him and his military-industrial backers so much that our insisting a Biden-Tulsi ticket if he’s nominated amounts to virtually our absolute rejection of Biden. If Biden becomes the nominee and shocks us and the establishment by meeting our demand next year, Bernie or Busters would not compare the two empty suit candidates for President, but the advantage of having Gabbard one aneurysm away from the Presidency (Biden’s had two of them, years ago) over having Mike Pence being one stupid accident away from the Presidency. 
We are experienced at electoral leverage but still pioneering in a field of candidates more varied (17 centrists, two progressive outsiders and one insider politically similar to Bernie). We cannot predict the future, but we can make plans. Our plan is to make Bernie or Bust a buzz so loud the media won’t be able to mask it and use that frightening “loyalty” to one candidate to scare people into voting for Bernie and uniting behind a progressive this time around. Neo-liberals have had control White House since after Nixon on the Red team and after Johnson on the Blue team. Neo-liberalism is the disease; Trump is the symptom. Progressive governance is the cure. Because of climate disruption, never doubt that those demanding the best progressive candidates are the adults in the room. Sometimes the adults have to tell the kids what they need to do. 
Please don’t anger people if and when you help build the buzz. Gently insist on Bernie if and when it comes up: “Sorry, it’s got to be a progressive in the White House, and Bernie is the most qualified progressive running. Bernie or Bust!” Gently explain, “Only progressives have the governing philosophy to solve all the problems we face today. Sorry, it’s got to be Bernie Sanders. That’s why I’m Bernie or Bust.” Be firm, but be nice about it.
Perceptions: We want Bernie or Bust strategy to explode out of the gate this time around to make sure the entire Democratic Party in all 50 states know about Bernie or Bust before 2020, that it’s bigger, smarter and better compared with 4 years ago. We want the Blue team to feel doomed if they don’t nominate Bernie Sanders, and the corporate media will not be helping in any way because they intentionally avoid mentioning revolutionary movements. It’s bigger; four years ago at this time we were building a website. It’s smarter; there’s no stupid write-in plans unless a Deny 270 strategy becomes viable in 2020. It’s better because we have a back-up plan this time.
ANY of four levels of Bernie or Bust strategy support will be greatly appreciated: 1) easy, 2) simple #ShareThisBook to incite revolution, 3) join the online Revolt Against Extinction and/or 4) make a small donation to CAP PAC.
1) take the 2020 Bernie or Bust pledge and ask someone you know, preferably on social media but email is fine, if they will take the 2020 voter pledge to help Bernie secure the nomination.
2) We wrote Bernie or Bust to be a serious upgrade of Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book. Three times we ask readers to share the book when they’re done with it. Abbie Hoffman didn’t have a Bernie Sanders running for President, and our book not only explains: why a revolution is needed but how to accomplish this, how to make sure you’re registered to vote in Red states, where to find reliable news, how to evaluate candidates, etc. etc. Our book is a how-to guide for peaceful revolution in a 2-party system! Please pay it forward ASAP if you have not already. The income derived from book sales will go back into this movement for [media promotion,] etc. #ShareThisBook
3) We believe we have figured out how to avoid going to Facebook jail. We need just a small fraction of Bernie’s one million volunteers to become online democracy commandos. We just published our first tutorial on how to safely promote Bernie or Bust voter pledge on Facebook, and there will be another tutorial that shows how to promote the Bernie or Bust voter pledge on Twitter. We need updated memes. Anything you can offer in time, talent and/or Internet promotion is needed and will be deeply appreciated. Volunteers working to build the buzz online in 2015-2016 was the most effective tactic to build leverage. Got some time to build a revolutionary movement? Please sign up on our Movement Building web page.
4) A small donation of $1.00 to 3.00/month until the convention in July of 2020 by all 2016 busters would give Bernie or Bust 2.0 the kind of advertising budget and impact we could only dream about four years ago. “All 2016 busters” don’t open our email blasts, so anything you can offer to our Citizens Against Plutocracy PAC will help build Bernie or Bust 2020 enough to eclipse our pioneering effort 4 years ago. 
If you have any questions after listening to the two YouTube videos, we have a FAQ tab on our website. If you don’t like Tulsi as a backup plan, I suggest you listen to her recent interview with Joe Rogan on that same tab. We believe she threatens the status quo of endless wars and offers the best hope to avoid another dangerous round of nuclear arms race with Russia/China. 

In solidarity,