Surrender To or Fight the Masochism of Blue No Matter Who

The following, short narrative borrows heavily from Preemptive Surrender: ‘I Love Bernie, But I’ll Vote for the Eventual Democratic Nominee No Matter How Hard They Suck’ ” by Kathy Copeland Padden with permission. Her words are in quotation marks.

“If you can’t see why proclaiming you’ll [Vote Blue No Matter Who] is waving the white flag of surrender even before the battle is fought, you have no business going within a hundred miles of a voting booth.

This dimwitted philosophy is directly responsible for the piss-poor governance we find ourselves with today. Decades of lesser-evilism voting has shown the establishment you’ll meekly accept whatever garbage candidates they throw at you. This behavior is not noble, it’s partisanship rooted in privilege, plain and simple. It’s selfish and contemptible and tells us everything we need to know about you as a human being.

Maybe you can afford to eschew Medicare for All, a livable minimum wage, and protecting Social Security, but the bulk of your fellow citizens do not have that luxury. People in the wealthiest nation the world are dying every damn day at the hands of runaway capitalism. This is not opinion, it’s a cold hard fact. Your loyalty to a corrupt system over their lives makes you culpable, not the patriot you try to paint yourself as.

C’mon. Do you really believe vowing to support whatever establishment empty suit the DNC thrusts on you will in any way improve the lives of average Americans? All you are doing is driving the point home that you are malleable, unthinking drones who will do exactly what you are told.”

To reject the masochism of “selfish and contemptible” partisanship Padden refers to, take the Bernie or Bust 2.0 pledge. This time, there is a back-up plan. What happens to Bernie or Bust if Sanders were to drop out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination for any reason? Revolt Against Plutocracy* has a Plan B this time called #TulsiOrTrash the Democratic Party. Plan B, if required, means that if Representative Tulsi Gabbard is not the Democratic Party nominee, voters who take the Bernie or Bust 2.0 pledge below will vote for a progressive candidate in a third party. #ProgressiveOrBust

2-plan review: Plan A is Bernie Sanders must be the Democratic Party nominee like four years ago. Plan B, if not Bernie for any reason, then Tulsi Gabbard must be the Democratic Party nominee. Otherwise, we will vote for a candidate of a progressive, third party. This voting strategy is NOT for any American willing to vote for Donald Trump or the Libertarian candidate for President.

Just as the Bernie or Bust 2.0 strategy has two plans, the Bernie or Bust pledge has two important parts. (If you do not know your congressional district number, use your zip code to find it here.)

1) Take the voter pledge (click HERE) and then help out on social media by using #WePledgedSo on occasion. “If Bernie doesn’t defeat Biden, Trump will. #WePledgedSo” or #BernieOrBust2020 #WePledgedSo) and vitally important, this will NOT become influential enough unless you also, please

2) Build the buzz: Commit yourself to quickly finding at least just two more people to take the Bernie or Bust 2.0 pledge. Please prioritize and use your email to ask people you know, friends, neighbors, relatives (but no one from work), etc. to take the Bernie or Bust pledge before OR while asking friends, followers and allies in social media and follow up until you know two people have taken the pledge. If every pledge-signer recruits just two more citizens who recruit two more every day, we’ll have over 1,000,000 pledge-takers in less than a month. The chart below shows how quickly a leverage strategy can become a movement even the corporate media will have a hard time ignoring. (They will not cover this as a story in order to keep voters from finding out about this voter pledge strategy. This works by getting Sanders nominated through this recruitment process. People will say, “no, they won’t take the pledge;” but they need to hear more and more people asking them, “Will you help Sanders by taking the BernieOrBust 2.0 pledge?” That communication is how this strategy circumvents corporate media. We are demanding people give progressives a chance to run the government once again. The market/corporate neo-liberals, the conservatives and the libertarians do not have a governing philosophy compatible with climate preservation. The nation, nay, the world needs an all out mobilization for survival to slow, stop and reverse the mass extinction under way, and only progressive politicians have the governing philosophy to use government to solve problems.

Some people are unwilling to scare voters into uniting behind a popular Senator and candidate for the White House. So what? Just keep asking people on social media until your second pledge confirmation is conveyed back to you. That’s all you need to do to make this grassroots pressure effective: take the pledge and recruit two more citizens. (We will send pledge-takers a reminder email with suggestions for Facebook or Twitter messaging to make it easy as possible.)

Power of two
Power of two

It may seem as if there is plenty of time for pledge-takers to find just two people to take the Bernie or Bust 2.0 pledge, but our experience tells us the chart on the right does not convey how this works in practice.  Even with the contacts available with social media, this took much longer in practice during Bernie or Bust 1.0. In fact, Bernie or Bust didn’t need a million pledges; it just needed to become a buzz.

Please take a few minutes this week to get this off your “things to do” list today, tomorrow, as soon as possible. That’s all you need to do to make this grassroots pressure effective: pledge and recruit two citizens.  The closer to a million pledged voters you build this into a movement, the more certain Democrats will fear us and unite behind Bernie. This amount of leverage requires use of this simple “Power of two” graphic depicted above and to the right.

Thank you!

Become the media: If you understand the importance of using grassroots, revolutionary tactics online to help shape major-party, primary campaign outcomes, please do more. Click the SHARE buttons below. Do as much as you have time to do to help Senator Sanders become the next President of the United States. In other words, from time to time when you have time, be the media. Share this URL around the Internet:

Padden ends her column on the Ghion Journal with “Show courage. Don’t hand our children’s future and our planet’s survival to these sociopaths on the proverbial silver platter. Because that’s precisely what you are doing, whether you’re willing to face it or not.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Be brave enough to hold your ground. Have the guts to stand by your convictions, no matter who challenges them. If you don’t, history, and your descendants (if any manage to survive) will judge you with well-deserved scorn and contempt.”

  • Plutocracy is defined as a government or society ruled by and for the wealthiest citizens.