Extort or Be Extorted

When Bernie or Bust activists were accused in 2016 of using extortion to get Sanders the Democratic Party nomination, we would explain that extortion is illegal; and what we’re doing was applying legal leverage. However, there are two definitions to extortion; and the second one does not necessarily imply breaking the law. Dictionary defines extortion as “oppressive extraction.”

If another neo-liberal is nominated by the Democrats in 2020, they will use the oppressive Trump to extract your vote for the establishment’s choice. That was their playbook in 2016 after they rigged the primaries to insure the pre-ordained candidate of Wall Street, Hillary Clinton, was the Party nominee. “If you don’t vote for Clinton, the racist, sexist, revolting plutocrat Donald Trump will become President” was used to compel the votes of progressives rather than Clinton running on a populist platform. Using Trump to compel support for Clinton was “oppressive extraction,” and the establishment will, in Caitlin Johnstone’s version, this time say “All that matters is defeating the Orange Menace. Stop yelling and fall in line behind Uncle Joe/Auntie Kamala/Weird Stepbrother Beto. Do you want another four years of Trump? Then shut up and fall in line.”

Electoral leverage is a strategy that makes use of the same type of extortion during the primaries to compel support for either a candidate (Bernie or Bust, Tulsi or Trash, etc.) or an ideology (#ProgressiveOrBust). It targets both rank and file party members and the elites called super-delegates. Progressive or Bust means if the Party candidate does not end up being either Representative Gabbard, Senator Sanders, or Marianne Williamson (so far), we of the progressive or bust voter movement will not vote for the Party nominee. Because he is not running to win the nomination, RAP will not add Senator Mike Gravel. Electoral leverage stems from thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of voters taking the Progressive Voter Pledge.

NAFTA and Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership make it clear that neo-liberals are not worthy of support just because there is a D after their name. Those “free-trade agreements” are Trojan Horses for a corporate coup of the U.S.’s and three and eleven respectively other countries’ legal order. The threats posed by neo-liberal trade agreements are elaborated in our how-to guide for peaceful revolutionaries to the right, and they are greater than the threats posed by Trump, Incorporated’s SCOTUS nominees.

Politics ain’t beanbag as they say. Promising, before and during the primaries, to only support one candidate or one ideology in the general election is militant but useless unless enough voters do just that to potentially change the outcome in the general election. The closer the contest is expected to be in 2020, the fewer people that are needed to commit to only one candidate or ideology, to draw a line in the sand that won’t be crossed when voting in the general election. Either this progressive extortion will successfully hold sway during the primaries in 2020, or the establishment will be exercising their own neo-liberal extortion into November. Extort or be extorted translates to be a militant revolutionary or be a sheep.

Progressive, primary extortion requires the leverage of a significant minority of progressives. The greater the leverage, the greater the chance that primary voters will fear the prospect of Trump being re-election because, once again, populists on the left vote Green Party (#ProgressiveOrBust) or just stay home (“lesser-of-two-evils aren’t worth supporting). One million voters pledged to support one of the real progressives running for the Democratic Party nomination listed above would send shock-waves through the establishment. We want voters to pledge their general election vote to a progressive and, in order to turn this leverage/extortion strategy into a movement, please ask another progressive you know to also take this pledge today as soon as possible. #ShareThisPost using the “Share this” buttons below

Social media allows us to publicize this strategy even with corporate mainstream media purposely ignoring the building leverage specifically to help keep voters in the dark, to make sure people do not know about the news of a new movement that will grow into place once enough progressives send the message by taking the progressive voter pledge. (Ignoring radicals and innovators is how the MSM marginalize militant, revolutionary strategies.) Please share this post on social media and ask another progressive you know (of) to take the Progressive Voter Pledge today. If you want to help Revolt Against Plutocracy to build this strategy into a movement, please sign up. We’ve done this before and documented our experience in the memoir chapters of Bernie or Bust.