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Hillary Clinton is a liar, who “always tried to” tell the truth, a corporate tool and a war-monger. The following videos, website and articles are offered for people to read, understand and share with their liberal friends who either back Hillary Rodham #CorporateClinton or are undecided about whom to support during the primaries in 2016. While Senator Sanders refuses to attack his opponents, Bernie has never stated nor implied that his supporters in the media should refrain from taking brass knuckle shots at the neo-liberal hawk leading in the polls by less every week. In other words, “Bernie’s revolution must treat his candidacy as a hostile coup against Hillary and the corporatist party leadership. Clearly a job for Bernie’s revolution and not his campaign, since his campaign must…diplomatically avoid cracking the same eggshell of legitimacy his revolution needs to smash.”


This interview conveys exactly how legal corporate corruption works in the U.S. and specifically worked with Senator Clinton. During the debate on Feb. 4th, Clinton claimed, “Anybody who knows me, who thinks that they can influence me, name anything that they’ve influenced me on. Just name one thing. ” Here it is:

WATCH: A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For More Fracking – Clinton Releases Fracking Plan

Another Resource Website:

Before you consider voting for Hillary Clinton, please take the time to review the information here.


Barack Obama: Hillary Clinton ‘is just like Bush’,”The Telegraph, 1/01/2008.

Hillary the Hawk,” by Stephen Zunes, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, 3/16/2011.

Hillary Clinton’s Unapologetically Hawkish Record Faces 2016 Test: Burned by Iraq in 2008, but still a strong voice for military action” by Michael Crowley, Time Magazine, 1/14/14.

President Hillary Clinton Would Be Far More Conservative Than You Think,” by H.A. Goodman, Huffington Post, 6/24/2014.

Hillary Clinton Goes to Bat for GMOs at Biotech Conference: The potential presidential candidate’s old industry ties resurface,” by Max Ocean, Common Dreams, 7/03/2014.

Reconsidering the Legacy of Bill Clinton: When the Democrats Turned Neoliberal,” by Steven Jonas, Buzzflash, 8/06/2014.

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Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton,” by Joseph Mulkerin, Truthout, 2/13/2015.

Muckety maps show entanglements of Clinton Foundation,” Muckety, 3/22/2015.

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Hillary Clinton Helped Sell Weapons To Hostile Nations To Enrich Defense Funders,” by Farron Cousins, Ring of Fire, 5/28/2015.

Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton,” by Paul Blumenthal and Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones, 7/21/2015.

Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons,” by Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic, 7/31/2015.

Even her logo points to the right!
Even her logo points to the right!
Secretary Clinton’s TPP claim is verifiably false,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 8/01/2015.
The First Postmodern Political Machine,” by Walter Russel Mead, The American Interest, 8/21/2015. “As Tammany Hall’s George Washington Plunkett once said, there is such a thing as ‘honest graft.’ ”

No, Hillary Clinton cannot win over the left,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 8/26/2015.

Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Not Be A Victory for Women,” by Debbie Lusignan, Sane Progressive, 8/31/2015.

Clinton Called For More Debates in 2008; Now She’s Dodging Them: Ducking debate has been a theme in Clinton’s political career,” by Zaid JilaniAlternet, 9/01/2015.

The Racial Justice Failures That Hillary Clinton Can’t Ignore: Clinton’s record is far from stellar,” by Guy Saperstein, Gaius Publius, Alternet, 8/31/2015.


The Clinton campaign puts the ‘moron’ into oxymoron,” by Dana Milbank, Washington Post, 9/12/2015.

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Clinton, the Asian pivot and everything you need to know about neo-liberalism,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 9/20/2015

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Hillary Clinton’s incomplete timeline on her personal e-mail account,” by Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, 9/27/2015.

The Insiders: Nixonian Clinton strikes again,” by Ed Rogers, Washington Post, 9/28/2015. “If you can’t even be honest about how you issue pedantic talking points, what can you be honest about?”

Throwing eggs at Hillary Clinton’s flip flops,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 9/30/2015.

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton Pitched Iraq As ‘A Business Opportunity’ For US Corporations,” by David Sirota, International Business Times, 9/30/2015.

If Edward Snowden Is Right About Clinton’s Emails, Bernie Sanders Will Win a Landslide Victory,” by H.A. Goodman, Huffington Post, 10/01/2015.

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Clinton Flip Flops on Gun Control,” by USA Secret History, YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s Big Climate Change Accomplishment Was Actually a Huge Failure,” by Eric Holthous, Mother Jones, 10/14/2015.

6 Signs That Show the New Hillary Is Still the Old Hillary: Speaking like a progressive, but tacking to the center,” by Stephen Rosenfeld, 10/15/2015.

Debate analysis: Bernie’s ingenious move, Hillary’s lie & establishment pundits,” by Victor Tiffany, Progressive Examiner, 10/15/2015.

The worst thing Hillary Clinton has done,” by Ben Norton, Salon, 10/15/2015. “…when it comes to speaking out of both sides of the mouth, Hillary Clinton is a virtuosa.

Hillary vs. Bernie: Here’s What’s Really at Stake,” by Elias Isquith, Alternet, 10/17/2015.

Edward Snowden: Clinton made ‘false claim’ about whistleblower protection,” by Tom McCarthy, the gaurdian, 10/16/2015.

Corporate Media Won’t Tell You Hillary Clinton is a Lying Fascist,” by Jack Bawkwill, Dissident Voice, 10/22/2015.

Forget Benghazi/Real Issue is Hillary Clinton is For/By the Corporations,” by Debbie Lugisnan, Sane Progressive, 10/23/2015.

An Idiotic GOP Is Looking at the Wrong Thing in Its Clinton Probe,” by Robert Sheer, Truthdig, 10/24/2015.

Hillary Clinton’s Failed Libya ‘Doctrine’,”by Robert Perry, Reader Supported News, 10/26/2015.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that DOMA had to be enacted to stop an anti-gay marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution” earned her four Pinocchios, by Michelle Ye Hee Lee, Washington Post, 10/28/2015.

Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Iraq,” Media Benjamin, Common Dreams, 10/28/2015.

WATCH: Clinton Throws Out Black Lives Matter Activists During Speech On Race,” Amanda Cirard, U.S. Uncut, 10/30/2015. “Clinton’s removal of Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted her speech is a far cry from Bernie Sanders’ reaction to a Black Lives Matter interruption. When Sanders was interrupted during a speech in Seattle, Sanders gave the mic to the protesters and allowed them to air the grievances, even as the mostly-white crowd in attendance booed the speakers.”

Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Demands Probe of Exxon After Oil Giant Stops Funding Clinton Foundation,” by David Sirota and Andrew Perez, International Business Times, 10/30/2015.

Hillary Clinton’s misleading claim that ‘numerous surveys’ show veterans are satisfied with VA medical care,” by Michelle Ye Hee Lee, Washington Post, 11/02/2015.

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would be a Disaster, A Nightmare for Americans,” by Stephen Lendmen, Global Research, 11/02/2015.

The betrayal that should haunt Hillary Clinton: How she sold out working women & then never apologized,” by Daniel Denvir, Salon, 11/02/2015. “Clinton and her partisans are instrumentalizing baseless accusations of sexism to protect a candidate with a sexist and racist policy record.”

A.B. Stoddard: Caught in her own web,”of lies by A.B. Stoddard, The Hill, 11/04/2015. “Clinton said she was transparent, yet her emails were under congressional subpoena for years while she kept her private server a secret. Clinton said she used one device at State for convenience, but she in fact used several. She said her email server was destroyed, but it was not. She said she handed over all work emails to the State Department, but then congressional investigators turned up others. She said she responded to a routine records request from the State Department and turned over her emails when several other secretaries of State did, but State officials were asking for her emails in response to Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional investigations months before that.”

Why Are Bernie Sanders Fans So Angry?” by Michael Blecher, OpEdNews, 11/05/2015. Brilliant, must-read summary of the ways Democratic Party system is rigged toward Hillary Clinton;  it also asks questions like “What about our take on the fact the Clinton camp is calling out Bernie Sanders for being sexist? Should we not only overlook the fact that these claims lack any merit but also ignore the fact the Clintons have yet to take any responsibility for the racist undertones that her campaign displayed when she ran against Obama in 2008?” Blecher presents much more on the sleazy tactics the Clinton camp is undertaking.

Hillary Clinton Is a Garbage Rich Person,” by Matt Bruenig, Matt Bruenig Politics, 11/08/2015. “…building an unimaginable fortune that you then shield from tax so that your rich nepotist kid can be even richer is grounds for legitimate disgust.”

Hillary Clinton’s claim that 90 percent of her emails were ‘in the system’,” by Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, 11/9/2015. 3 Pinocchios

How can war-weary Americans possibly vote for Hillary Clinton?” by Damon Linker, The Week, 11/10/2015.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that she tried to join the Marines,” by Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, 11/12/2015. 2 Pinocchios

Hillary Clinton: sex, lies and videotape,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 11/12/2015.

Hillary Clinton Was A Top Recipient Of Wall Street Cash Before 9/11 Attacks,” by David Sirota and Andrew Perez, International Business Times, 11/15/2015.

Shaky Foundations: The Clintons’ so-called charitable enterprise has served as a vehicle to launder money and to enrich family friends,” by Ken Silverstein, Harpers, 10/17/2015.

It Will Be Extremely Difficult for Hillary to Say No to Wall Street: Can Clinton simply disregard the industry’s favors to her wealth, political campaigns and foundation?,” by Zaid Jilani, Alternet, 11/18/2015.

Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her,” posted on Judicial Watch, 11/18/2015. “They threatened me,” Masada told Judicial Watch. “I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”

Hillary Is Already Triangulating Against Liberals: Her new attack on Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan shows her indifference to progressive voters,” by Jim Newell, Slate, 11/18/2016.

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Behind the Clinton Campaign: Dark Money Allies, Part 2,”by Melissa Yeager and Libby Watson, Truthout, 12/05/2015.

Climate Judge Hansen “Profiles” Clinton’s Democrat Criminals,” by Patrick Walker, Nation of Change, 12/06/2015.

RAP’s Walker: the corrupt Clinton machine will spell doom for humanity,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 12/06/2015.

Hillary Clinton Is Whitewashing the Financial Catastrophe,” by William Greider, The Nation, 12/11/2015. “ Hillary Clinton sounds like she is assuring old friends and donors in the financial sector that, if she becomes president, she will not come after them.”

The Worst People of 2015,“by Drew Magary, GQ, 12/14/2015. #5? Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Denounces Corporate Crime While Accepting Cash From Blackstone, Firm Sanctioned By SEC,” by David Sirota and Andrew Perez, International Business Times, 12/16/2015.

Whitewashing Hillary–By “Redwashing” Progressive Critics,” by Patrick Walker, Op-Ed News, 12/17/2015.

Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm,” by Lee Fang, The Intercept, 12/18/2015.

Hillary Clinton Understates Her Wall Street Donations At Democratic Debate,” by Andrew Perez, International Business Times, 12/20/2015.

Edward Snowden: Clinton’s Call for a ‘Manhattan-Like Project’ Is Terrifying,” by Tim Dickinson, Reader Supported News, 12/21/2015.

Hillary Clinton named most corrupt politician of 2015,”USA Politics, 12/25/2015.

Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Islamophobia Campaign Is Nothing but Veiled Opportunism,” by  Roqayah Chamseddine, Alternet, 12/26/2015.

State Department releases more Hillary Clinton emails marked ‘classified’,”by Stephanie Condon, CBS News, 12/31/2015. The “FBI is still probing whether State Department officials improperly included classified material in email correspondence with Clinton.”


Hillary’s Happy Holidays,” by Paul Street, Reader Supported News, 1/03/2016. “Mrs. Clinton…remains an abject, Wall Street-sponsored corporatist beneath carefully constructed fake-progressive rhetoric. She’s still the same old ‘new Democrat’ – a dismal, dollar-drenched servant to concentrated wealth and power – beneath deceptive, populist-mimicking oratory and branding.”

‘Bold, brash and wholly false’: Hillary’s Wall Street reform plan is to misrepresent Sanders’, while falsely claiming her’s is tougher. Nice try” by Eliza A. Webb, Salon, 1/05/2016

Why This Socialist Feminist Is Not Voting for Hillary,” by Liza Featherstone, The Nation, 1/05/2016. “… there are no socialist-feminist reasons to support Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton Is Not Telling The Truth About Wall Street,” by Zack Carter, Huffington Post, 1/08/2016. “Making things up in order to criticize Sanders proposals that Democrats actually like only damages Clinton’s credibility with Democratic voters.”

Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders on Guns, But Was as a ‘Pro-Gun Churchgoer’ in 2008,” by HA Goodman, Huffington Post, 1/11/2016.

How Hillary Bangs the Drums of War,” by Steve Weismann, Reader Supported News, 1/11/2016.

Clinton misrepresents Sanders on Guns,” by delphine, Daily Kos, 1/11/2016.

Report: FBI expands investigation of Clinton,“by Harper Neidig, The Hill, 1/11/2016.

Hillary Clinton in 2008: “Since When Do Other Democrats Attack One Another on Universal Health Care?”,” by Zaid Julini, The Intercept, 1/12/2016.

What Hillary Knew About Libya,” by Robert Perry, Consortium News, 1/13/2016.

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Reform Plan Leaves Credit Rating Agencies Untouched,” Truthdig, 1/13/2016.

Rachel Maddow confronts Clinton over Sanders attack: You’re ‘casting aspersions on his character,’” by Bethania Palma Markus, Raw Story, 1/14/2016.

Hillary Clinton Is Botching Her Best Chance To Win,” by Jason Linkins and Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 1/15/2016. “Clinton’s gone all the way ’round the bend and has decided to ramp up unnecessary fearmongering, dispatching her daughter to New Hampshire to darkly warn that Sanders is gonna take everyone’s health care away.”

Fourth Debate: Can Clinton Recover from Devastating Debate Loss?,” Justice Gazette, 1/17/2016. “Martin O’Malley…actually accused Hillary of lying and of flip-flopping on the issues.”

Hillary’s No Neocon. She’s Far More Dangerous,“by Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News, 1/18/2016.

Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame,” by Robert Scheer, Truthdig, 1/20/2016.

Of Course Clinton Has Foreign Policy Experience, But Her Experience Has Been a Total Disaster,”by Adam Johnson, Alternet, 1/20/2016.

Hillary Clinton Declares War on Single-Payer Health Care,” by Michael Corcoran, Truthout, 1/21/2016.

Hillary Clinton and the Northern Strategy,” by Steve Hendricks, Counterpunch, 1/22/2016. “She bills herself a champion of Main Street over Wall Street, but she has been a lackey of Wall Street her entire political life.”

Hillary in Blackface: The Blaxploitation Politics of Identity Democrats,” by Patrick Walker, Nation of Change, 1/24/2016.

How Hillary Tells Us She Won’t Fight Wall Street,” by Steve Weismann, Reader Supported News, 1/25/2016.

Clinton’s email excuses are falling apart,” by Marc A. Thiessen, Washington Posts, 1/26/2016.

As Sanders Slams Wall Street Elite, Clinton Ditches Iowa To Fetch Their Checks,” by Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 1/26/2016.

Black Lives Shattered: How the Clintons Built Their Legacy on White Supremacy,” by Amanda Girard, USUncut, 1/30/2016.

Another Hillary Falsehood: She Didn’t Tell Banks to “Cut It Out” Pre-Crisis; She Blamed Homeowners,” by Yves Smith, Truthout, 2/01/2016.

Hillary Clinton Gets $13 Million From Health Industry, Now Says Single-Payer Will ‘Never, Ever Come to Pass,’ ” by David Sirota, Reader Supported News, 2/01/2016. This is what corruption looks like.

Want Endless War? Love the U.S. Empire? Well, Hillary Clinton’s Your Choice,” by Marjorie Cohn, Truthdig, 2/01/2016.

Hillary and the Urn of Ashes,” by Conn Hallinan, Counterpunch, 2/02/2016.

They’re all bought and sold: American democracy belongs to the billionaires now: With the lone exception of Bernie Sanders, every candidate is either in bed with Wall Street or super-rich himself,” by Nomi Prins, Salon, 2/02/2016.

Dear Hillary, Do You Really Believe You Are ‘a Progressive?’ ” by Marc Ash, Reader Supported News, 2/04/2016.

Tell Hillary Clinton to stop lying about her Iraq vote,”petition, Roots Action, February 2016.

Hillary Clinton Dared Us [below] To Find “Her Support For Wall Street”…,”by Keith D. Foote, The Bern Report, 2/04/2016.

Smash Clintonism: Why Democrats, Not Republicans, are the Problem,”by Andrew Levine, CounterPunch, 2/05/2016.

Hillary is the candidate of the war machine,” by Jeffrey Sachs, Huffington Post, 2/05/2016.

Progressive 3.0: Beware the Latest Version of Hillary Clinton,” by John Atcheson, Common Dreams, 2/05/2016. “The poll-tested, focus-grouped phrases like “a progressive who gets things done” come right out of the Madison Avenue mold.”

Who is advising Secretary Clinton, Joseph Goebbels?,” by Victor Tiffany, Progressive Examiner, 2/06/2016.

Big Campaign Cash for Clinton From Monsanto Lobbyist,” by Carey Gillam, Truthout, 2/06/2016. “A Monsanto Co. lobbyist, who is seen as Hillary Clinton’s “main man” in Iowa, was among the top financial bundlers of contributions to benefit Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House….”

Hillary and friends are turning off young women,” by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post, 2/08/2016.

Hillary Clinton and the Anti-Democratic Origins of American Politics,” by Richard Kreitner, The Nation, 2/08/2016.

Hillary Not Truthful About Wall Street Speaking Fees,” by Les Leopold, Huffington Post, 2/08/2016.

Top Hillary Clinton Advisers and Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare,” by Lee Fang, Reader Supported News, 2/09/2016.

Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem after New Hampshire,” by Chris Cilliza, Washington Post, 2/10/2016.

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote,” by Michelle Alexander, The Nation, 2/10/2016.

Radio host Tim Black explains why Bernie is more trustworthy than Hillary,” by Victor Tiffany, Examiner, 2/11/2016.

Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record,” by Ralph Nader, Huffington Post, 2/12/2016.

When Hillary Clinton Killed Feminism,” by Maureen Dowd, New York Times, 2/13/2016.

Hillary Is a High-Ranking Member of the DC Power Elite — and That’s Why She Can’t Comprehend Bernie’s Revolution,” by Alan Saly, Alternet, 2/13/2016. Clinton, he writes, “…offers the deep state — the rigged economy — to voters, and she doesn’t understand that the mask is off.”

How Democratic Idealism of FDR was Destroyed by DLC, PPI, Clintons & other Corporate-bought Democrats, All Funded by Oligarchs,” by Amarnath Zin, Facebook, 2/14/2016.

Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath,” by Jeffery Sachs, Common Dreams, 2/14/2016. “This is the kind of compulsive misrepresentation that makes Clinton unfit to be President.”

Playing the Victim Card, Hillary Clinton Betrays Women,” by Axexa Sue Amore, Truthdig, 2/15/2016.

The Clintons really don’t get it: False attacks and failed strategies as Hillary repeats 2008,” by for Clinton adviser Bill Curry, Salon, 2/16/2016. “Hillary accused him of an “artful smear” for suggesting, obviously, that banks give to super PACs to influence policy.”

Hillary Clinton, Sexism and Imperialistic Foreign Policy,” by Stephen Zunes, CounterPunch, 2/17/2016.

12 Examples of Hillary Violating Progressives’ Trust,” by D. Sully, The Daily Kos, 2/17/2016.

The Clinton Machine: Hillary’s Endorsements are Based on Influence Peddling, Not Her Record,” by Walker Bragman, Paste, 2/17/2016.

Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel,” by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 2/18/2016.

Hillary Clinton’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad answer on whether she’s ever lied,” by Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, 2/19/2016.

Hillary Clinton Emails: Secret Negotiations With New York Times, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed In Latest State Department Release,” by Jackie Salo and David Sirota, International Business Times, 2/19/2016. “Other emails show Clinton seeming to personally lobby her former Democratic colleagues in the Senate to support free trade agreements (FTAs) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. She had previously told voters she would work to block the Colombian and South Korean pacts.”

Hillary Clinton and the Dogs of War,”by Nicolas J S Davies, Consortium News, 2/19/2016.

Hillary Clinton Cries Crocodile Tears for Latin American Immigrants,” by Meleiza Figueroa, Truthdig, 2/19/2016.

Hillary Clinton’s cynical race appeals: The revenge of neoliberal identity politics,” by Daniel Denvir, Salon, 2/10/2016.

Team Clinton: Fools, Damn Fools and Democrats,” by Andrew Levine, CounterPunch, 2/19/2016. “In Libya and throughout the greater Middle East, not just Syria and Iraq, people know well how much harm Hillary did. Pakistanis and Iraqis know too; as does everyone worried about maintaining peace with Russia and China.”

I Worked on Wall Street – Here’s Why I’m Skeptical Hillary Clinton Will Rein It In,” by Chris Amade, Alternet, 2/20/2016.

Hillary is the foolish idealist: Clinton derides Sanders as naive, but has no plan for battling GOP obstruction,”by Eliza Webb, Salon, 2/21/2016. “There is a reason Sanders says ‘we/us,’ and Clinton says ‘I/me’: The Sanders campaign is about a revolution, and the Clinton campaign is about the election of a president.”

Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contractors,” by Lee Fang, The Intercept, 2/21/2016.

VIDEO: In 12 Minutes, Hillary Clinton Tells You Why She Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote,” by Alexander Reed Kelly, Truthdig, 2/21/2016.

Clinton’s claim that Bush wanted to ‘give the Social Security trust fund to Wall Street’,” by Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, 2/22/2016. Three Pinocchios.

The Definitive, Encyclopedic Case For Why Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Choice,” by Mass Southpaw, The Daily Kos, 2/22/2016.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras,” by Robert Naiman, Truthout, 2/23/2016.

‘It’s the corruption, stupid’: Hillary’s too compromised to see what Donald Trump understands,” by former Clinton counseler Bill Curry, Salon, 2/23/2016.

Clinton Campaign Relies On Rumors And Dishonesty To Attack Sanders,” by Kevin Gosztola, Common Dreams, 2/24/2016.

Sanders the ‘Realist’; Hillary the ‘Neocon’,” by Robert Perry, Consortium News, 2/24/2016.

America’s Addiction to Firstism — Delusion Decoyed as ‘Greatness’,” by Robert S. Becker, Nation of Change, 2/24/2016. “…her scattergun, tin-ear campaign leans on this singular default: elect HC for secondary physical attributes over which she had zero control: being born a girl.”

A Clinton Presidency Has Been/Would Be a Disaster for Black and Brown Communities. Here’s Why,” by Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, 2/25/2016.

#WhichHillary? Twitter trend calls out Clinton for hypocrisy on racism, Wall Street and war,” by Ben Norton, Salon, 2/25/2016.

Hillary Clinton’s Connection to the Oil and Gas Industry,” compiled by Greenpeace, undated.

The New York Times just perfectly explained Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speech problem,” by Chris Cilliza, Washington Post, 2/26/2016.

Hillary Clinton’s Speech to Goldman Sachs,” by K. J. Noh, CounterPunch, 2/26/2016.

The Clintons and Wall Street: 24 Years of Enriching Each Other,” by Richard W. Behan, CounterPunch, 2/26/2016.

Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall,” by Jo Becker and Scott Shane, NY Times, 2/28/2016. “…it was Mrs. Clinton’s support that put the ambivalent president over the line. The consequences would be more far-reaching than anyone imagined, leaving Libya a failed state and a terrorist haven….”

Hillary Clinton’s Faux Feminism,” by Liza Featherstone, Truthout, 2/28/2016.

Clinton’s Argument That Free College Is Bad Because Rich Kids Can Take Advantage of It Makes No Sense,” by Adam Johnson, Alternet, 2/29/2016.

Hillary Backs New Allied War in Libya,” by Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News, 2/29/2016.

In Bed with a Nation-Wrecker: 5 Ways Hillary Is As Bad As Bill,” by Paul Buchhelt, Nation of Change, 2/29/2016.

How Hillary Clinton Helped Turn Libya Into a ‘Terrorist Haven’ for Islamic State, According to NYT,” Truthdig, 3/01/2016.

Hillary Lost My Vote in Honduras,” by Alexandra Early, CounterPunch, 3/02/2016.

The Clinton Dynasty Rewrites History,” by Elizabeth Schulte, Truthout, 3/02/2016.

My Case Against Hillary Clinton: As Is, She Could Set Up Progressives for Electoral Disaster,” by P. J. Podesta, Alternet, 3/03/2016.

7 Articles To Read Uncovering Hillary Clinton’s Haiti Record,” The Haitian Times, 3/03/2016.

The Clinton Email Bernie Sanders Should Bring Up in Sunday’s Debate: In supporting a free-trade deal with Colombia, she claimed workers there would have better rights than Americans. Does that include being murdered by death squads?” by Greg Grandin, The Nation, 3/04/2016.

Vote for Hillary, be a sucker: It’s OK to reject the choice of a tyrannical liberal or a right-wing tyrant: “Vote for Hillary or be responsible for Trump” is slogan of someone maintaining — or being played — by the system,” by Steven Salaita, Salon, 3/06/2016.

Hillary’s Economic Agenda Sure Looks Like Payback for Wall St Giving Her Huge Piles of Campaign Cash,” by Les Leopold, Alternet, 3/06/2016.

Hillary Might Break the Glass Ceiling If She Wins, But She Won’t Put a Dent in the Military-Industrial Complex,” by Media Benjamin, Alternet, 3/07/2016.

Decoding Hillary: The Truth Vs. What She Claims About Her Wall St. Record,” by Les Leopold, Alternet, 3/08/2016.

Black Democrats are voting like poor Republicans, against their self-interest,” by Victor Tiffany, Progressive Examiner, 3/09/2016.

Obama and Sanders both called out Hillary campaign for “false attacks” that ‘distort the truth‘,”by subir, Daily Kos, 3/09/2016.

Why People Think Hillary Is A Psychopath,” Piso Project blog, undated.

This Hillary Clinton attack on Bernie Sanders makes no sense,” Chris Cizzilla, Washington Post, 3/10,2016.

Obama Undermines Clinton’s Ability To Be Commander In Chief In New Interview,” by Ron Chusid, Liberal Values, 3/10/2016. “The neoconservative policies advocated by Hillary Clinton have been a disaster.”

Late-Term Abortion Debate Reveals a Rift Between Clinton and Sanders,” by Pema Levy, Mother Jones, 3/11/2016.

Clinton Healthcare Hit Backfires as Evidence Shows Sanders ‘Literally’ Right Behind Her,” by Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 3/12/2016.

Could Hillary Clinton be Worse Than Trump?” by Andrew Levine, CounterPunch, 3/18/2016.

Seven Bizarre Assertions from Clinton and Her Supporters,” by Veena Trehan, 3/20/2016.

Critics Aghast at ‘Disgusting Speech’ Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC,” by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 3/21/2016.

Why Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump,” by , The New Matilda, 03/23/2016

Democrats Should Run From Clinton While They Still Can,” by Michael Sainato, Observer News & Politics, 3/24/2016.

President Obama’s Use of Smart Power versus Hillary’s Use of Stupid Power–A Cinematographic Journey,” by Wayne Allen, Op-Ed News, 3/26/2016.

A message to Clinton apologists: Here is where your defenses of her flawed candidacy fail,” by Calvin Wolf, The News Hub, 3/26/2016.

Is Hillary Clinton Running Away From Political Reality?,” by Les Leopold, Alternet, 3/27/2016.

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