#BernieOrBust, #TulsiOrTrash or….

While Revolt Against Plutocracy has not yet made a final decision as to what “or Bust” will mean in 2020 if the candidate we support does not attain the Democratic Party nomination, we want to provide our newsletter subscribers and other supporters an opportunity to help select the candidate we will organize to build leverage around in support of his/her nomination to the Democratic Party. Leverage is a strategy well suited, if not unique, to 2-party systems like the one in the U.S.

The basis of a leverage strategy is a refusal to support another neo-liberal Democrat. The Trans-Pacific Partnership demonstrated that they are as much, if not more of a threat to democratic order as Trump’s right-wing judges are.  This argument is defended at more length in our book.

If you read the RAP newsletter from January, we announced we were going to focus on a single issue instead of a single candidate. In over 50 days, we have received 45 voter pledges compared to 77 voter pledges on the first day in June of 2015  when we launched what later came to be called the Bernie or Bust strategy. Therefore, we are resorting to Plan A: you vote (below) on which of the progressive candidates running in the primary you want us to support with “or else” lose in November leverage.

The poll itself (below) did not allow for hot links, so this list is being made available to help provide more information about the 6 progressive candidates in our poll if needed: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williamson, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Two more quick points: 1) if you have not yet acquired Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt to share and help build opposition to the establishment candidates, please #ShareThisBook soon. 2) We could not come up with a clever slogan for Marianne Williamson for the poll. If a majority of you all decide she’s the candidate we should back with electoral leverage, we’ll come up with something more interesting and helpful than “Or Not a Fan.” This poll will be open for one week.