The voter demand to save the planet

       “Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never has and it never will.”     ~Frederick Douglass during the fight against slavery.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report published in October of 2018 made it clear that humans are running out of time to address the overwhelming amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Those of us in Revolt Against Plutocracy* (RAP) consider this warning so important, we have set aside our democracy agenda to focus on climate preservation for the 2020 election cycle. RAP is deploying a “Climate or Bust” strategy comprised of three related components: 1) a pledge by voters to only support candidates for the White House who commit to climate preservation to create the necessary leverage, 2) the candidate’s pledge to voters (or contract with voters) to commit to specific climate action designed to preserve the climate more or less as is and 3) the climate preservation agenda itself described below.

The idea of this strategy is to compel candidates vying to replace Donald Trump, a climate assassin, to address climate change in a bold, aggressive and effective manner. #ClimateOrBust is a demand, and it is short for climate preservation or bust.  “Or Bust” means that, unless they commit to a specific climate preservation litmus test (below), neither the nominee for the Democratic Party or an Independent, “centrist” candidate will defeat Trump. Why? The voters pledged to preserve the climate for human survival will end up voting for an under-funded, third party or independent candidate for President who does commit to and acceptable approach for climate preservation. This strategy makes use of electoral leverage that is expressed as a demand on candidates for the White House: commit to climate preservation or lose in November. Any candidate refusing to make that commitment is not worth supporting, not by anyone who is informed and concerned about the existential threat of runaway global warming which has begun, not by anyone! #Leverage2020 is being applied for the sake of preserving Earth’s climate instead of allowing a byproduct of industrialization that, beginning in the late 18th Century to the present, has overheated the planet people need to survive. We can still prevent the transition of Earth into a global desert that is, in human terms, slowly beginning and under way; but time is running out in global terms. 

Climate change is not just an important issue! It is a clear and present existential threat to coastal cities, national security, food supplies, civilization and humankind as a whole. #ClimateOrBust2020 is a voter demand because it may well be too late by 2024 to slow, stop and reverse climate change. Climate change is an emergency the corporate media has been downplaying or ignoring. #ClimateOrBust is an electoral strategy established to compel discussion about climate preservation and to force the Democratic Party nominee to commit to preserving the climate in a specific and direct manner. RAP will display the picture, name, party affiliation and ranking (see below) of the candidates committed to climate preservation on our Citizens Against Extinction website.

Candidates often do not like being told what to support, but the essence of democratic rule is having leaders we choose make decisions on our behalf.  We can and should demand policies citizens need as a condition of support because the IPCC report was clear: humans need to cut the total carbon emissions in half in about a decade. We believe that is a necessary but insufficient part of the comprehensive climate preservation strategy described below.  If this electoral strategy is to work, audience members at all rallies for candidates will hear the peoples’ demand for survival and preservation: “Climate or Bust!” It needs to be shouted at the candidates and at the media covering the campaign. Climate or Bust is an attempt to force climate preservation into both the 2020 campaigns and the media coverage and therefore public consideration of the race for the White House. This strategy will not work unless it becomes an electoral movement not connected to any candidate’s or party’s campaign.  Climate or Bust is a demand by green (energy) revolutionaries. Climate or Bust is a pledge to support only Climate Preservation Candidates for the White House. Because it’s hard to unseat a sitting President when the economy is doing ok, it will not take near a majority of voters to get a candidate’s attention (to function as leverage). A million green revolutionaries will provide enough leverage to compel at least lip service to the survival agendas below, and “volunteering” in this case is a matter of simply pledging to vote only for a climate preservation candidate as described below.

Climate Preservation Candidates, who sign a voter pledge to work on either the Green New Deal or the Climate Preservation agenda described below. In addition to signing a pledge, a CPC will have to either 1) give a major speech on climate change or 2) include Green New Deal or 1 to 5 of the Climate Preservation policy proposals that they pledge to in their stump speech. CPCs will be listed on our candidates website with their photo, name, party affiliation and ranking. Because humans needed to slow carbon emissions thirty years ago but did not do so, because humans were still dumping a record amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2017, the planet is warming and therefore leading to new problems carbon emission reductions and carbon capture techniques and technologies alone will not solve.  CPCs will be ranked as a “3 star” candidate for embracing the Green New Deal, “1 star” candidate if they only commit to the first of the 5-prongs which is a litmus test for support, and a “5 star” CPC if a candidate commits to all five prongs of the comprehensive, Climate Preservation strategy described next.

Climate voters are demanding candidates for president make a required written and oral commitment to either help usher the Green New Deal though Congress or pass laws to achieve 1) a 5% per year reduction in national carbon emissions. Climate or Bust, pledged voters want those candidate to also make written and oral commitments to 2) a massive mobilization for carbon “capture” (removal) from the atmosphere, including reforestation, to help slow, stop and ultimately reverse global warming, to 3) the creation of a multi-lingual website where users share effective ideas, strategies, technologies and techniques for reducing carbon emissions. Users will also share best practices for energy transition to sustainable sources, for carbon capture processes and for Solar Radiation Management (SRM) with everyone who has access to the Internet. The fourth prong that not all Climate or Bust voters are likely to want, is for a CPC to commit to 4) feasibility studies (only) on blocking of the sun to start cooling the planet immediately. This SRM is not “chem trails,” but aircraft could be used in theory to add a chemical to the jet fuel that shades and cools the Earth below after emission from jet engines. Long term solutions could be either geo-satellites or solar satellites that shade the Earth’s poles to keep the ice there frozen. SRM testing is set to begin in 2019. (Because of positive, warming feedback loops around the world, the planet needs to be cooled off if the climate is to be preserved. Satellites may eventually be used to provide shade for the planet’s polar regions to ice them over and, slowly build the Greenland and Anarctica ice pack back up again.) 5) To change U.S. foreign policy to reduce the strategic footprint primarily by eliminating regime change as a possibility for both military action(s) and applied sanctions against entire countries, an act of economic warfare.

Humans can make the necessary changes, but it’s a struggle when there is so much corporate money involved in an election. We the people have to take a stand against the captains of carbon and demand the green revolution. We are using a voter pledge to demand what is needed from the next government to avoid an eventual Desert Earth. We have or can design and build the technology to turn this warming trend around; we just lack the political will. Why not take a pledge to a green revolution? 


  • Plutocracy is a government or society controlled by the wealthy few.