Bernie or Bust Organizers Launch 2020 Electoral Strategy

It is no longer enough for politicians to just say the right things about climate change. They must demonstrate a commitment to meaningful actions & specific policies aimed at rapid reductions in carbon emissions.” ~Michael E Mann

The organization behind the unprecedented Bernie or Bust voter pledge movement of 2016, Revolt Against Plutocracy, is launching another strategy/slogan called Climate or Bust, short for Climate Preservation or Bust.

On their voters’ website, they explain they are setting their agenda of comprehensive, campaign finance reform aside for now to again deploy electoral leverage to compel a policy outcome in the next election cycle. If the Democratic Party nominee will not commit to preserving the climate by committing to work on a four-pronged climate preservation strategy, then the pledged climate voters will support a minor party climate preservation candidate for President to intentionally undermine the chances of defeating the Republican candidate, whomever that turns out to be.

Now accepting voter pledges on RAP website

On their candidates’ website, they ask candidates for President to sign either a pledge to voters or a contract with voters and make a specific, four-pronged strategy part of either a major speech on climate change or part of their campaign stump speech. The four prongs are:

  1. Annual reductions in fossil fuel use averaging 5%, targeting 2041 as the date for near-zero emissions using government mandates, market innovations, consumer conservation, etc.
  2. Research, development and implementation of carbon capture technologies and techniques with the goal of removing carbon and perhaps methane from the atmosphere at rates high enough to return the atmosphere greenhouse gasses to near pre-industrial levels by 2060
  3. Undertake feasibility studies for solar radiation management techniques (both atmospheric and space-based) and rapidly implement the most promising technique(s) to help preserve Arctic ice
  4. Establish an international, multi-lingual website to share conservation ideas, green technologies, best practices for energy transformation, for carbon capture techniques, for approaches to solar management, for climate change mitigation, etc.

RAP Contacts: 

Victor Tiffany                                                                                (607) 327-0029

Tom Ulcak                                                                                                (512) 393-9556

Tiffany is the co-author of Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt, a published memoir of their 2016 strategy, and the sole author of the draft pamphlet Revolution or Extinction to be published in 2019. The latter will explain RAP’s electoral leverage, the dangers of climate change, neo-liberalism, etc, a type of publication RAP did not have available in 2015-16. Ulcak is one of the committee members that make up RAP’s CAP PAC decision-making committee.