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The following review of Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt was published on The Revolution Continues blog (third story down) by A. J. Matthews.

And now a book review about a non-ugly American that many voters wanted to become president in 2016 (and may yet become in 2020).

Bernie or BustPioneers of Electoral Revolt
by @BernieOrBust with Patrick Walker
Dorrance Publishing Company

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Reviewed by A. J. Matthews

Of the events that occurred during the contentious 2016 presidential election, the blatant rigging of the Democratic Party primaries against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is at the top of the list in importance. The Bernie or Bust movement was one of the prime movers in public debate on the issue of the Democratic nominee selection process and its aftermath which resulted in the nomination of Hillary Clinton, a deeply flawed candidate with a mass of political baggage who represented the status quo during a time when the American electorate desperately wanted change.

The author and his associate Patrick Walker started the Bernie or Bust grassroots movement in 2016 with a manifesto aimed at affecting change for the better in the American political system. The objective was – and still is – the use of leverage to force the Democratic Party to heed the will of the American people, not that of Big Business. This book recounts a warts and all picture of the movement from the inside. It doesn’t flinch from admitting the mistakes and conflict involved in seeking a way forward, nor does it flinch from scathing and justified condemnation of the Democratic Party machine that helped elect Donald Trump.

Where the book scores highly is in the wealth of advice included for activists, voters, and future progressive movements. This is a valuable resource which can be dipped into for guidance, inspiration and a wealth of “how to” examples (such as facts to refute spurious arguments by Clinton supporters who claim Bernie cost the DNC the election). It is also an important historical document in its own right for all who wish to understand more about the 2016 election, those involved and the consequences of their actions. [Emphsis added]

Highly recommended.  

BIO: A.J. Matthews is a multi-published novelist, book reviewer, essayist, and all around decent human being. He openly admits he supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary elections.

Surrounding the 8 chapter memoir are:

  • a declaration of revolution with lists of grievances and principles,
  • the Bernie or Bust effect on the outcome of the election,
  • a brief description of neo-liberal world order,
  • exercises for voters to evaluate Trump, Clinton, Obama and Sanders on 14 characteristics of fascism and 14 characteristics of neo-liberalism,
  • a revolutionary manifesto beginning with election reform using hand-countable, paper ballots,
  • an advance in the understanding establish with One World Planet (free, online pamphlet),
  • a Trump resistance strategy that will also enhance climate preservation,
  • an alternative foreign policy for the United States,
  • an argument for the continuation of leverage on the Democratic Party in 2020,
  • an explanation of electoral leverage (revolt).

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