Bernie or Bust Rides Again

When Senator Sanders ran for President in 2015-16, three independent organizations arose to support him. People For Bernie came from the remnants of the OWS movement. Movement For Bernie derived from the Socialist Alternative, and Revolt Against Plutocracy, which grew out of a Facebook page, launched and built the Bernie or Bust pledge movement.

It is the last of these organizations that threatened the Democratic Party with defeat if Sanders were not the nominee, and the two key organizers have published a book detailing that innovative strategy titled Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt. Part documentary, part narrative, part manifesto and pure enlightenment; it’s a must-read for liberals, moderates and progressives alike. The authors:

  • Offer a sort of declaration of revolution listing grievances against the U.S. government and principles for peaceful, democratic revolution,
  • Present a memoir, warts and all, for activists to learn from their mistakes (more for organizers and historians to read and voters to skip),
  • Place blame on who was primarily responsible for the election of Donald Trump (hint: it wasn’t the Russians),
  • Help voters better understand who or what they are supporting by including short, learning exercises that associate the characteristics of neo-liberalism and fascism with Clinton, Trump, Obama and Sanders. (Spoiler alert: Bernie is a horrible fascist and utterly useless as a neo-liberal),
  • Teach voters how to recognize the characteristics of neo-liberalism and fascism in politicians,
  • Present a manifesto which includes election reform as the top priority,
  • Explain leverage for use by progressives in the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election in ongoing #WarOnNeoliberals,
  • Offer a strategy to resist Trump and ensure, when enough consumers apply the idea, that he’s not re-elected,
  • Recommend trustworthy, revolutionary media to improve voters’ understanding of the world.

Once in the introduction and again at the end of the book, the authors encourage readers to give Bernie or Bust away. The idea is to foment revolution by making more citizens understand why a revolution is needed.  The authors explain why neo-liberals pose an existential threat to the American system of government including the standard of living some American workers still earn. Bernie or Bust is a polemic on neo-liberalism and a call to specific action. Their intention was to make this book the Common Sense of the next revolution. Get your copy today to read and give away. Berners can advance the revolution’s breadth of support in 2020 by ==> #SharingThisBook.

Victor speaking at Bernie or Bust rally

Given the extent to which the corporate media is in bed with the establishment, it’s important to attempt to provide an alternative narrative about our world. Somehow, we need to get through to our friends and relatives who were not on the Bernie train last time. The book might just be the ticket, and it is available at  Please, #ShareThisBook; so more people understand the threats posed by neo-liberals. Acquire to read and share both the non-corporate understanding of reality (our neo-liberal world) and a strategy of electoral revolt.

Early reviews are showing up on merchant websites. They include:

  • “The ‘go to’ book for making sense of current political reality…”
  • “Learned a great deal about the issues I am concerned with…”
  • “The good, the bad, and the ugly of trying to stand up to the establishment madness…”

Don’t think of Bernie or Bust as just another book about the 2016 election. Consider it an investment in revolution. The authors hope ten times as many people read their book as who buy it, but it begins with a purchase. Just as a journey begins with a first step, the next attempt at political revolution begins with an acquisition. Get it and pay it forward as a thin reed of hope the revolution might succeed next time.