See FAR pledge for NY’s 23rd district

Sick and tired of politics as usual? We the people can change that. Normally, politicians decide to run, create a platform and make campaign promises. Then voters chose the candidate who most closely matches their values. The #CFARorElse election strategy turns that candidate-voter relationship on its head.  We’re asking candidates to sign a “C-FAR or Else” we will not support them. The Contract For American Renewal (acronym pronounced “see far”) is a populist agenda that most voters support. This voter pledge. Voters can shape the next Congressional agenda by insisting on a contractual commitment by candidates to do the people’s work if elected. #CFARorElse is a national strategy active in NY’s 23rd district with Rick Gallant. Even though has since dropped out of the race for the Democratic primary, we will encourage voters to write-in Gallant’s name in November if no other candidate signs the CFAR.

C-FAR or Else is a voters’ movement to demand their candidates for Congress sign a version of the C-FAR, or else we will not support them. Rick signed a Contract For American Renewal.  Becoming a C-FAR-pledged voter means committing your support to C-FAR candidates for Congress only, even if that means writing in your own name on election day as a protest against candidates who refuse to make a binding commitment to a populist platform that often overlaps a candidate’s own platform. If a couple thousand voters in NY-23 commit to the C-FAR agenda, Democrats will lose in November if they elect anyone else in the June primary. The Contract For American Renewal is the grassroots, populist alternative to the Democratic Party’s Better Deal or any party’s platform unless it includes the majority of the 11 policy positions listed on our home page.

Leverage can help move a (voting) block.

How else can we shape the Washington agenda other than by insisting on a contractual commitment to do the people’s work if elected? By committing to a populist agenda, the C-FAR is a voter leverage strategy. No candidate gets our support without signing the C-FAR. Pledging for a candidate or a populist agenda is a like voting first, before the rest of the Democrats vote in their June primary. Take the pledge to support only candidates who “See FAR” by clicking the red pledge button to the left, fill out the form and help build the pressure on Democrats in New York’s 23rd congressional district by next June. Increase this leverage by getting other voters to join you and also take the pledge. If enough voters pledge themselves to supporting only C-FAR candidates, people will realize it’s in the party’s self-interest to vote for the C-FAR candidate. Pledging your support for a C-FAR candidate doesn’t stop you from helping Rick by carrying ballot petitions this spring, donating money and/or any other direct support activities any campaign for Congress needs.  Please sign up to help any way you can. Rick doesn’t pass just a litmus test. Rick passes seven of the litmus tests listed on the C-FAR template and doing something his opponents refused to do: sign a binding commitment to work on a populist, widely supported agenda as a member of Congress.

The template for the CFAR we want candidates to review, modify and sign to get elected can be seen on our CAP PAC, CFAR candidate website. These important issues we want our representative committed by contract to work on when they get to Washington, DC. CFARs can serve as a mechanism to unite 11 single-issue organizations and their activists. It’s up to citizens to unite behind the CFAR voter pledge and help candidates like Rick who chose to run on seven of these issues.

Everyone of these policy positions have the backing of large majorities of Americans. If Democrats refuse to support Rick in the primaries, then C-FAR-pledged voters will choose a third party candidate who’s signed a version of this contract. If no candidate on the ballot has signed a contract with voters, then in New York C-FAR-pledged voters either write in a candidate running as a C-FAR candidate or sign the contract yourselves and write-in our own name on election day in protest to the unwillingness of parties to support a populist agenda. The C-FAR voter pledge is how candidates like Rick can gain leverage in his primary. Vote #CFARorElse the candidate on the left will lose in November. See far or else is an instrument in the revolutionary war against neo-liberal Democrats.  Pledged voters alone build that leverage for Rick Gallant, the first C-FAR populist in NY.

To learn more, go to the home page of this website and listen to the video presentations.  Want to do more? Listen to a short tutorial and then ask the candidate of your choice to sign the “See FAR” agreement. Refer the candidate of your choice to, have him or her listen to the video explanation of the contract and sign it to automatically gain support of the citizens who take the C-FAR voter pledge. Let them know you won’t help them in any way unless they become a candidate willing to “See FAR in Washington,” DC.

Revolt Against Plutocracy* is the ONLY national organization with a strategy to turn the 2018 midterms into a left-center, populist wave election. Here’s RAP co-founder Victor Tiffany explaining more about how #SignTheContractOrElse can work:

How can we trust a candidate who won’t commit to their own promises?

  • Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the establishment.  The “neo-liberal” establishment, corporate elite’s so-called “free-trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are corporate coups, not of state power but of the system of government itself.