Truth and Its Dangerous Consequences

Advice* page contents:

  1. An Ethical Quandary: Lie or Let Die?
  2. The Overton Window, An Overview
  3. Why One Class of Candidates Should Lie to Get Elected IF They Need To
  4. Vital Tip for Candidates Who NEED to Lie
  5. Modern Monetary Theory, A Summary
  6. Harsh Medicine for Progressive Voters

1.  An Ethical Quandary for You: A terrorist has kidnapped 100 Americans. You don’t know any of them. He’s making a demand on you. If you do not tell three white lies, stretch the truth four times, tell five fibs and one whopper, he will blow up the building these people are being kept in and kill them all. If you lie as required, he will release them unharmed. What will you do? Lie and allow them to live or insist on telling the truth and allow them to die?  There is not a good answer, but there is a right answer.

  • Advice is for progressive candidates only. Few other candidates are faced with this ethical quandary.

Find an American professor of philosophy who has taught ethics and disagrees with me, who believes what’s in a candidate’s mind, his or her version of the truth, is more important than saving human lives is; and ask the professor to leave a comment on the ABOUT RAP tab above. If I’m wrong about a specific class (universal health care) of candidate’s ethical quandary, I’ll change my mind. Candidates should take my advice to help win the popularity contest they are in and not make the mistake of telling anyone they’re doing so. My advice is wildly unpopular with voters. Understandably, people are sick of the liars willing to say anything to get elected; so it’s also vital the candidate never get caught lying.  Slipping through the Overton Window (click or see next video for explanation) requires backing into the lie a successful candidate may have to tell when there’s any public record of the honest version of an unpopular opinion, of the truth or of a policy position. Successful candidates have to get through the Overton Window or just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in televised negative advertising about their opponent(s).

A type of deception is the lie of omission. Tweeting the clear implication that President Obama was an “evil” emperor while running as a Democrat may have been honest, but it was a huge mistake. Neo-liberal, Obama-aligned primary opponents will use that opinion against such a candidate if it’s noticed. Monitoring of opponents’ social media channels should be expected in any well-run campaign for Congress.

For the value-laden field of politics,  I hold Non-Consensus Theory of Truth which builds on the insights of Jurden Habermas. Science should discipline truth before ideology, but that’s another consideration of my Habermasian theory of multiple truths. I became a blogger to address and challenge on his website someone I considered dangerous. Glenn Beck is a master at making his pro-corporate, anti-progressive seem like the “truth.” “What is the Truth about Glenn Beck?” explains why the left and the right argue over what is true.

Get Me Roger Stone is a documentary of a man who helps Republicans win the White House. My advice can be used by either left-wing or right-wing candidates that do not honestly pass through the Overton Window. If you want to get elected, tell the voters what the majority of voters what they want to hear; and don’t get caught lying if that is not your honest viewpoint or policy position.

People willing to put truth before lying to get through the Overton Window and save lives with the implementation of health care laws are choosing the greater of two evils. The candidate may need to deploy the lesser of two wrongs, by far, to win the popularity contest all ideal elections become, at least in part. My advice to candidates is to lie as little as needed to get through the Overton Window of your congressional district, and do not get caught lying. Having a media team ready to address candidates’ opponent’s lies, smears, etc. about the candidate rounds out my advice to candidates as the “Roger Stone” of the progressive revolution.  The candidate should not begin to take my advice before listening to and reading the Main Argument section below.

This home page has been re-purposed from registering and training volunteers how to recruit candidates to sign the Contract For American Renewal. That populist CFAR (pronounced “see far”) was designed to pass through the Overton Window. I share Our Revolution’s view, any Blue will not do. The CFAR strategy is designed to build a trans-partisan populist wave, and I also advise candidates to sign a version if they have not yet. That advice doesn’t come from “Roger Stone;” it comes from Citizens Against Plutocracy.

2) The Overton Window: a brief summary

A Brief Explanation of the Overton Window

3) The Main Argument: If a candidate supports health care for all, who are you to privilege the truth over saving human lives?

Three more points: 1) progressive candidates already have the playing field tilted against them with massive amounts of money donated to their neo-liberal and conservative opponents. Knowing full well their opponents may lie their way into office, insisting progressive candidates tell the truth tilts the playing field of electoral competition even further against the them. You may as well tell them you don’t condone lying to win while handing them a white flag of surrender. 2) We are in a post-truth political era. An insistence a candidate tell his/her version of the truth irregardless of the electoral consequences is tilting at windmills. 3) This is a political revolution. I’m not arguing progressives should kill counter-revolutionaries, blow up buildings or break the law. If you believe the good candidates can’t lie to win because of some purist or goody-two-shoe ideal, you’re a snowflake or a pre-revolutionary campaign supporter; but you’re not a revolutionary. By “you” I mean the voter and the candidate. Only when the stakes include universal health care is lying to get elected the lesser of two “evils” at odds in the consequential ethical dilemma this web page began by presenting. It’s also obvious any candidate can take this scandalous advice to defeat universal health care. I do not wish to become the Roger Stone of Libertarians, Conservatives or Neo-Liberals, so health care-supporting progressives, who do not fetishize the truth, need to exercise caution about sharing this advice. Let’s keep this tactic on the progressive end of the entire American political spectrum and push health care across the line.

4) Vital, 3 Minute Tip for Candidates Who NEED to Lie

5) Modern Monetary Theory, a brief summary

Stephanie Kelton was Senator Sanders’ economic adviser in his 2016 bid for the White House. “Stephanie Kelton Explains Modern Monetary Theory to You” Ask yourself why Sanders called for tax increases. He must have known he did not need to raise taxes to pay for Medicare for All, so he probably had a privately held policy position bases on MMT and a publicly held policy position based on the gold standard.  My argument here is all politicians, who want to get elected, need to do the same thing because the public isn’t always educated or informed enough to handle the truth. MMT is a lens, and it’s going to take time before candidates can run on such an important insight of government spending and taxes.

6) Tablespoons of Harsh Medicine