Why the RAP Facebook page has changed


Charlie Hobbs is an angry man-child. Because he lost a 3-2 committee vote about endorsing the Draft Bernie movement, Charlie removed Victor, the founder of the original Revolt Against Plutocracy Facebook page, from his own page and renamed it for his own purposes! This was after several “warnings” issued in comments by Hobbs, so Victor should have demoted Charlie’s position on the page and didn’t. It’s safe to say Charlie the thief is not a member of the RAP committee any longer. While he was a workhorse for our Bernie or Bust strategy, too many people reported his behavior as mean, rude and/or angry and threatening. Resigning in protest is the normal, adult expression of dissent in these situations, but Charlie chose to reinforce his angry, mean-spirited and vindictive reputation.

During the Bernie or Bust phase of our history, one woman reported to Victor on Facebook:

One sentence I found very disturbing that Charlie Hobbs said more than once is “We know how to deal with counter-revolutionaries” To me this is a threat. And he said to me I was either with the revolution or not… He said I was “DEAD wrong. Consider yourself warned.”

The following is an Afterword added to the upcoming Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt.

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”[i] ~William Blake

In May 2017, the Revolt Against Plutocracy took a contentious 3-2 vote as to whether or not we’d endorse the Draft Bernie movement[ii]. Former committee member, Charlie Hobbs, made it clear he would resign from the committee if we endorsed that movement.

Although Charlie was a workhorse of the Bernie or Bust movement, we would have gladly accepted his resignation because many people conveyed to Victor on Facebook that he was rude, mean and/or threatening. One example I noticed was a post from Charlie on a Facebook group page asking people to donate to our PAC, which was good. However, he ended his fund appeal with something to the effect of donate to our PAC “or else.”  Or else? Who in their right mind turns a fund appeal into a threat?

Once Tom and Niko had conveyed to Victor they supported RAP endorsing the Draft Bernie movement, Victor was scheduled to speak on the weekly Draft Bernie conference call.[iii] Charlie had been given administration rights on our two Facebook pages, Revolt Against Plutocracy with over 32,000 followers, which Victor started in 2014, and Jill or Bust with over 16,000 followers that was started by one of our volunteers. As Victor was preparing my notes for the Draft Bernie conference call, it occurred to him to demote Charlie so he couldn’t cause any problems.

While Victor was on the conference call, Charlie did just that. He removed Victor as an administrator of his own Facebook page, and Facebook would do nothing about this theft of his page. He deleted a good deal of posts, videos, etc. on the page, renamed it and blocked Victor from posting comments on it. Victor started a new page called Revolt Against Plutocracy. Another lesson learned.

If you use Facebook, please like and follow the new RAP page if you have not already. Thank you.  https://www.facebook.com/RevoltAgainstPlutocracy/

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