samOn February 25th, next weekend, the Democrats will be voting to decide who will lead the Party as DNC Chairman. I know, you probably hate the Democratic Party as much as we do, but please read on.

Sam Ronan is a dark horse, long shot candidate who is also the most progressive option on domestic and foreign policy. Is he perfect? No, but neither was Senator Sanders as we noted on our website during the Bernie or Bust strategy. For more on our reasoning, see #SamOrBust below.

We want you to help send a respectful message to 2 to 6 members of the DNC and tell him or her in your own words why they must choose Sam Ronan or else you pledge (take your pick or come up with something more fitting to your situation)…

  • you’ll never vote for another Democrat again.
  • you’ll leave the Democratic Party.
  • you’ll encourage friends and family to leave the Democratic Party
  • you’ll never come back to the Democratic Party.
  • you’ll never donate to the DCCC, the Party, or a Democratic Party candidate ever again.

The idea is to convey in a short, 1-2 paragraph email to members of the DNC that you’re #SamOrBust without necessarily using that phrase. Come up with your own pledge if you want; the idea is to warn the members of the DNC that the Democrats will continue losing members and elections unless a grassroots candidate like Sam is the next chairman of the party. I would not use the hashtag #SamOrBust, but that’s up to you. Make your subject line click bait, so they read your message to them (suggestions below). Who do you write to? Members of the DNC from your state:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0gnPEKPe5EKbzNxTVhTdjFEcTA/view

Tip: The first time you send an email to a member of the DNC, BCC yourself. Then, use that email you receive from yourself to foward to the next person on your list. Delete the FWD in the subject line, copy and paste the next email address from that Google doc, change the name of the DNC member and delete the fowarding information above the member’s name. This way, you only compose your short message once and use it to contact every member of the DNC in your state.

Possible subject lines:

  • An important message about the next DNC Chair
  • If the Democrats want to start winning elections, the next chairman will be…
  • The future of the Democratic Party depends on your vote next weekend


Many of us have already #DemExited. A whopping ~14 million citizens have left the Party since the election. In the survey we sent out last month, 93% of you expressed a willingness to #ProgressiveOrBust in 2020 if the right candidate is selected. Since then, the RAP committee has decided you will help us make the selection in 2019 as to who, if anyone, we will deploy a strategy of leverage to support in 2020. We’ll #DemExit; we’ll #DemEnter. As revolutionaries, ideology trumps party. Put differently, going forward, we’re going to use the political parties, not vice-versa.

We want the DNC to understand the only future of the Party is either truly supporting progressive philosophies or ending in the dustbin of history. By contacting them to support Sam in this way, we’re putting them on notice. Either they reform the Party, or they will destroy it by remaining a Party of Wall Street.

Thank you for helping out with this project.

In solidarity,

Victor Tiffany, @BernieOrBust

Co-founder, Revolt Against Plutocracy