Bernie or bust survey

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Bernie or bust voter survey:

Revolt Against Plutocracy would like to build our list of potential revolutionaries by trading our email lists with other organizations. Do you approve?

Revolution or bust?

Before you leave a comment on our website, RAP needs to convey what’s currently unpublished anywhere but on our Facebook page weeks ago. The Bernie or bust movement cannot claim responsibility for Clinton’s defeat (or accept blame for President Trump). While we made a difference in WI and MI, the “or bust” boost to Jill Stein and the write-in votes in PA do not correlate to Trump winning there. With all those votes going to Clinton instead, she still would have lost to Donald Trump. Clinton’s neo-liberalism caught up with her in the rust belt. She needed all three states, WI, MI & PA, to secure the electoral count needed to win.  In FL, where they do not count unregistered write-in votes, it’s extremely unlikely the “or bust” options mattered given what we know about the numbers of write-in votes in Pennsylvania. FL was not a target state of #OpDeny270, and there would have had to have been nearly 8 times as many write-in votes there compared with PA. Clinton’s unwillingness to admit she is at least in part to blame for neo-liberalism’s set-back is a mask to keep the establishment’s failure out of sight.