Four Candidates With Only One Safe Choice

HillaryHawkSecretary Hillary Clinton (D) wants to impose a no-fly zone over war-torn Syria. General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate panel “for us to control all the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war with Syria and Russia.” She made a grave mistake voting for the Iraq war. Proving she didn’t learn from that mistake, she made the deciding argument of support for the destabilization of Libya in the Obama administration; and she will pick a fight with nuclear-armed Russia if elected. While there are many reasons why she should not become the next president, a Syrian no-fly zone would pose an existential threat to the United States and the entire world if that conflict should escalate to an exchange of nuclear weapons with Russia. She is arguably the greater of two proverbial “evils.” Voting for Secretary Clinton out of fear of Donald Trump is like jumping off the top of a burning skyscraper.

trumpDonald Trump (R) is the fire to escape from. He wants to nominate Supreme Count judges like Antonin Scalia, a supporter of the democracy-destroying Citizens United decision. His Court picks would set the nation back decades if the Senate were to confirm them. While less dangerous than starting a war with Russia, he is an unqualified, revolting, sexist pig who would also accelerate climate change even faster than Clinton with unregulated and pervasive hydrofracking. There are at least 176 reasons why he should not become the next president.

johnsonGovernor Gary Johnson (L) supports the anti-democratic Trans-Pacific Partnership, a brazen corporate power grab. He opposes a minimum wage, net neutrality and any government actions to address climate change. He also supports hydrofracking, a methane-releasing oil and gas drilling technology that will accelerate climate change and lead to coastal cities around the world submerged in ocean water by next century if not sooner. The cartoon to the right depicts his apparent lack of interest in current affairs.

Jill Stein (G) is the metaphorical parachute voters can use to safely jump off the burning skyscraper. She:

  • Wants to eliminate all student debt,
  • Stabilize the economy with regulations on Wall Street banks,
  • Provide universal health care with Medicare for All,
  • Reform campaign finance,
  • Halt the flow of weapons into the Middle East,
  • Mobilize the economy for a green revolution and transform the energy sector to sustainable energy sources to slow climate change,
  • Stop unnecessary police violence against citizens.

JillYesDo not believe the deceitful anti-Stein propaganda coming from the establishment media and entertainment personalities. Many US Presidents may have had prior governing and legislative experience, including President Obama, that experience has usually defined their adaptability to seriously weaken their rhetorical policy stances when confronted with the systemic, establishment, corporate power within government. Stein’s lack of experience is a positive quality for a candidate seeking to rid government of corruption. We need more intelligent, high lever office-holders who have and share her “inexperience.”

If enough people reject the three dangerous candidates, Dr. Stein would win the election; but if her support should fall short of the plurality needed to secure the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the election, Donald Trump could get elected. The most effective voting strategy citizens can use to block his Court nominees and his regressive agenda would be to make sure the next U.S. Senate is Blue/Green. If you live in MD, vote for Dr. Margaret Flowers. Otherwise, vote Blue if the contest between Democrat and the Republican is close. For example, in NY, polls indicate Senator Schumer will easily win his bid for re-election. That is a safe state to vote for the Green Party candidate for Senate.


In this election voters will either take this country back from the corporate interests running it, or else war with Russia or eventually climate change will doom the human race. Not since the moral requirement to abolish slavery has the need to elect a third party candidate been so urgent. Vote your fears of warmongers Clinton, Trump and fracking Johnson by voting your conscience. Vote as if your life depends on it because it does. To stop the wars and reverse climate change, vote Green in 2016.