This is how #JillOrBust defeats the Clinton/Trump plutocracy

This post has two purposes: 1) to ramp up support for Jill Stein in the next three weeks and 2) to make you aware of the March to Take Back Democracy on Oct. 23rd.

1) We built the Bernie or bust movement online having volunteers, who took the Bernie or bust pledge, step up and post URLs to our website on Bernie Facebook pages and groups and by asking everyone to prioritize their activities and recruit just two more people to take the pledge. We have three weeks to demonstrate Jill Stein has much more support than the polls indicate she does. How?

Power of two
Power of two

If you go to our Facebook page, you’ll see a video pinned to the top explaining how the power of two works. 2X2X2X2X2…pledges to vote for Dr. Stein for the next three weeks will demonstrate a huge following for Jill Stein’s candidacy. If you do don’t use Facebook, the explanation is simple. Take the pledge to vote for Jill Stein and get just two more people to take the pledge today or tomorrow at the latest. Use Facebook, Twitter or emails to ask people to take the pledge and be relentless until two people you know have taken the pledge. So long as everyone taking the pledge recruits just two more people to do the same, the doubling effect quickly gets “YUGE.” You can take the pledge here: 

Please don’t comment you’re voting for Hillary because you are afraid of Trump. He is frightening; but as I argued in Philly, Clinton is more dangerous. She wants a no-fly zone over Syria, and a general has testified to Congress that would lead to war with Russia. Think about that. Clinton made a mistake voting for the Iraqi war. She didn’t learn from that mistake and was the deciding voice of support in the Obama administration for the war on Libya which destablized that country and provided a new “footprint” for ISIS. If you’re not terrified of a mistake-prone warmonger, who doesn’t learn for her mistakes and wants to go to war with nuclear-armed Russia, then how can you be afraid of Trump? 

Vote your fears of Clinton and Trump while also voting your progressive conscience. #JillOrBust

If someone gives you flack, just ask them, “Which of these three are you voting for? ” In other words, use our new website do the arguing for you. 

2) If you can get to Washington DC next Sunday, Real Progressives is organizing a March to Take Back Democracy. “Stand up and march against election fraud, voter suppression, biased media and money in politics.” Speakers include Tim Canova, Tim Black, Lee Camp, Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive, Claudia Stauber (Cabin Talk), Steve Grumbine and others.  For more information, go to their website:

If you can’t make it, but you want to help out with a contribution to cover the costs of porta-potties, sound system, etc, you can do so here:

In solidarity,

Victor Tiffany
Co-founder, Revolt Against Plutocracy