10 reasons why no Sanders supporter should vote for Hillary Clinton

“We’re not a movement where I can snap my fingers and say to you or anyone what you should do because you won’t listen to me. You shouldn’t.”  [emphasis added] ~Senator Sanders

Most of Bernie’s supporters are telling pollsters they are going to vote for Secretary Clinton in November, but there are many reasons why they may want to reconsider that position.

  1. The Clintoncratic machine stole the primary election from Bernie. Would you hire a burglar to watch your apartment while on vacation?
  2. The TPP is the name of the first knife Clinton will plunge into the backs of her working and middle class supporters. Secretary Clinton is more dangerous to democratic self-government in the long run than Donald Trump would be.
  3. Clinton is a neo-conservative war-monger. She’s Sen. McCain in a pantsuit. FBI Director Comey stated she’s “extremely careless” with classified information, and she’s prone to making “mistakes.” You want President Oops-War Clinton? She is terrifying with her talk of war in the Middle East. She will represent the establishment including the corporate actors within the military-industrial complex.
  4. The superdelegates were warned Trump would win if they went ahead and nominate Clinton. They chose to divide the Party instead of uniting it behind Senator Sanders. They chose President Trump over President Sanders!
  5. The Clintons are neoliberals, a pernicious form of corporate fascism (see 9th characteristic). Neoliberalism is destroying our planet.
  6. Hillary is a bigot and a covert racist. You want to choose the lesser-of-two bigots, whichever one that is?
  7. Party platforms are campaign documents, not governing documents. Hillary will toss the Democratic Party platform into the round file the day after the election and advance Wall Street’s agenda. That’s why the Wall St. banksters are paving her path to the White House with $100.00 bills, just as they did Bill Clinton before her.
  8. The Clintons have a long, suspicious wake of dead bodies in their paths to power. Coincidences?
  9. Hillary Clinton is proud of her “conservative roots” and a former supporter of segregationist Senator Barry Goldwater.
  10. Clinton, Trump and Libertarian Gov. Johnson all support hydrofracking of gas and oil, an extreme extraction process that is accelerating climate change, at a time when we’re already veering toward a tipping point of no return. If you want to have coastal cities around the globe under water next century and desert Earth sometime after that, any of those three candidates will suffice.

There is no tactical, no “less-than,” reason and certainly no moral obligation to support Hillary Clinton because she is the greater of two, dangerous plutocrats. The so-called “free-trade agreements” and “globalization” Clinton is running to support, are becoming a dangerous corporatization of our very system of government. “Agreements” coming from Executive Branch’s “trade representative” appointee are the ninth characteristic of fascism on steroids. The TPP will not “protect” corporate power; these “trade agreements” will be corporate power grabs. Hillary Clinton is with the transnational, corporate interests intending to handcuff our representatives’ power to regulate corporate behavior. The TPP would be a historically unprecedented, major leap into corporate fascism. The Clintons are not on our side. The first Clinton admistration makes that clear. Noam Chomsky is wrong about who is the “lesser-evil” in this two-party contest.

We have it within our power to start the world over again.” ~Thomas Paine

Jill SteinHillary Clinton does not deserve the vote of one Berniecrat. While we want a woman in the White House, we desperately need a political revolution to abolish oligarchy. The Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, is a two-for. She is the only progressive running for the White House showing up in the polls. The Green Party platform is much closer to Sanders’ than any other party platform. Voting for a third party candidate will not get Trump elected because the Clintoncratic machine rigged the primary elections, and they will do the same in November. RAP intends to help build opposition to the destructive policies of neoliberals like the Clintons, and 2016 is a safe year to do so because Trump appears to be a plant trying to lose. We can build an independent, revolutionary movement to rise from the ashes of a corrupt, rigged election system that cannot survive close scrutiny. There’s nothing to lose, and “only” survival of our civilization to gain by voting Green in November. Please help Revolt Against Plutocracy* help Jill Stein by:

  • taking our #JillOrBust pledge to vote for Stein in November,
  • quickly find just two more angry Berniecrats and anti-corruption activists to take that pledge. It’s not a petition; it’s a short-term commitment to build a revolutionary movement,
  • and donate, if you can, to our now-unleashed PAC. RAP’s CAP PAC intends to run ads against #CorporateClinton in support of Jill Stein in October and November as announced to the superdelegates before the DNC. Running for the White House without a super PAC in this era of peak corruption is like stepping into the boxing ring against Mohammad Ali in his prime with one hand tied behind your back. The revolution has a super PAC. RAP’s PAC is a public interest committee. There are not many wealthy radicals, so CAP PAC is expected to function as a grassroots PAC supporting the best of the acceptable candidates still running for President, Dr. Stein.

Thank you.  Jill or bust means just that. Building a large movement behind our support for Dr. Stein will make our demand clear: elect Stein to the White House or else we’ll end up with President Trump. The media will have you believe Trump is too dangerous, but he’s running to Hillary’s left on foreign policy and claims to be against globalization.  We can be reached on Facebook for an interview, but the corporate media doesn’t want to hear why Hillary is more dangerous than The Donald.

Only with enough voters support can a revolutionary movement make a difference.  Let’s get to work. Three months to let the voters know about #JillOrBust, the same leverage the Democrats ignored. Bernie or bust. Or bust means casting a revolutionary vote, not a protest vote. It could be a close election if Donald Trump wasn’t taking a sound bite-by-bite fall to make sure Hillary wins.  Clinton is corrupted by money; Trump is one of the corrupters as he bragged during the Republican primary debates. He donated money and got something in return. They are two side of the plutocratic system RAP is opposing.


The system isn’t broken; it’s fixed by Clintoncratic machine operatives with what is starting to look like collaboration between Trump and the Clintons. Trump has the nomination, so why is he still playing to the Republican Party base? If he wants to win, he has to go after the undecided voter in the middle; but at time of this publication, he’s not. He’s alienating more demographic sectors of the voting population. The general election is beginning to look like an agreement, a “deal.” One can only guess what Trump could have been offered to take a fall. “Hillary Rotten Clinton?” He’s still using the 5th grade bully tactics and alienating groups of voters by attacking the parents of a fallen American soldier. 2016 is an interesting version of what plutocracy looks like.

What year should we wait to demand an end to the corrupted system of corporate plutocracy? In terms of climate change, 2016 may be the last hope before climate change runs away from humanity’s ability to adjust the current industrial technologies. We’re out of time. It’s now or too late.  Bernie or bust, a primary campaign strategy, was about driving a stake into the progressive end of the political terrain and refusing to “go along” with the corporate-backed establishment candidate. #JillOrBust is the general election version. If Trump is so terrifying as the Democrats and their media allies are asserting, then the only option voters have for keeping him from winning the White House is by electing Jill Stein.  She is the only safe candidate left standing, because we are not as afraid of Trump as we are of Hillary Clinton. We are free to vote our consciences because no one can honestly blame President Trump on anyone but the superdelegates who chose Trump over Sanders. #JillOrElse Trump.