Before one vote was cast, Clinton told Bernie’s supporters to “join with us” after nomination is set


Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.”

Late last year Secretary Clinton answered a question at a rally from someone, who is concerned that people who support Senator Sanders’ revolution, might not vote if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. In her reply she said, “I would just ask, once this nomination is wrapped up, that they come and join with us….”

queenHillaryThe Clinton campaign knew about the Bernie or bust pledge to write in Sander’s name or vote for the Green Party candidate during the general election next year if he is not the Democratic Party nominee, and she should have been concerned. One unscientific poll shows that 80% of Sanders’ supporters will write in Bernie Sanders if he does not get the nomination. However, her answer conveyed an arrogant certainty of her coronation nomination before one vote has been cast in a primary or caucus. She knew then the system was rigged.


The idea of the Bernie or bust pledge was not to stay home for the election but, rather, to not vote for another Wall Street-backed neo-liberal in November. While many progressives want a woman in the White House, the nation needs a political revolution against oligarchy and their corporate political philosophy. Because #CorporateClinton has the backing of super PACs funded by millionaires and billionaires, greater name recognition, better experience, support from the DNC and a pant suit,* she had many unfair advantages over Senator Sanders. Therefore, Bernie needed leverage that he refused to provide himself. While he will support the nominee regardless of who it is, thousands of his supporters have taken the pledge that provided leverage for him during the Democratic Party Convention.

If Clinton’s arrogant certainty bothers you, join the movement to build a democratic order in the United StatesThe Bernie or Bust pledge has become the #JillOrBUST pledge, and it is as simple as it will be effective.  This is not a petition; the pledge is not clickivism. It involves two easy steps, and both are vital to the success of this movement’s strategy. They are:

  1. Jill SteinJoin thousands of voters who have filled out a simple form to pledge vote for Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, for President.  With enough leverage, Revolt Against Plutocracy can shock the  Democratic Party establishment — in the news media and with ads — into a historic election upset.   This leverage will apply enough pressure to deter voter support for corporatist, neo-liberal, establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton only if enough people take the pledge. You can take the pledge by filling out the form here.
  2. According to one poll, 57% of Sanders’ supporters will not vote for Clinton in the general election; and that was before the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails proving the Party was clearly opposed to Senator Sanders and plotted against him. Pledge-takers need to reach out to friends, relatives, etc. to recruit just two more people to take the Jill or BUST pledge within a as soon as possible. This is the only way a critical mass will pool resources to maximize support by liberal and moderate Democrats for Sanders as President. Millions of Berniecrats will not vote for Hillary in the general election, and we need your help finding them to take the progressive pledge to vote Green. This is almost as simple to accomplish as taking the pledge. How?

We currently have no advertising budget, so we’re counting on pledge-takers to recruit more people to take the pledge. If you don’t use social media, you can email that simple question to your progressive friends and/or family members. While some volunteers are doing much more, all pledge-takers need to confirm just two recruited pledge-takers. We will take it from there and stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the next President.

Revolt LogoMany Democrats are fearful that the left will be divided “because” of the pledge, but Donald Trump is the fault of the superdelegates for dividing the Party when they could have united behind Sanders. The pledge strategy plays into and benefits from the real fear of losing the Executive Branch to the Republicans. People, who take the pledge, are providing Jill Stein with leverage.  Many Americans have come to understand next year why a peace revolution is needed more than the “small government” ideals conservatives embrace. Small government can wait until democratic order is established; this revolution will not wait. The Democrats will be divided by because the superdelegates chose not to unite the Party, not by Revolt Against Plutocracy demanding they nominate Sanders…or else! Each pledge is a stake driven into the ground of the broad political terrain by voters who will ultimately cast their votes in secret. RAP’s grassroots movement is Jill Stein’s left arm in her fight for the White House.