Why Sanders’ Supporters Should Take the Jill or BUST Pledge


I’m Laura Ditsch, and I chose to take the Bernie or Bust Pledge sponsored by Revolt Against Plutocracy last year. Plutocracy is a country or society governed by the wealthy few. Pledging was not something that I took lightly, but something that I took time to think about.  During my deliberation, I came to realize that it was one of the most important and most compassionate things I could do because it can defeat fear and replace it with hope.

I’ve been fighting bullies and oppressors pretty much my entire life.  I’ve never been one who could tolerate oppression of any kind. Oppressive is exactly what this plutocratic Congress has become, causing so many to suffer from the extreme income inequality.  Bullying is what this election cycle has become.

CWA_logoThe events that took place last week convinced me I was right to take this pledge.  Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who is the chairwoman of the DNC and an obvious Hillary Clinton supporter, struck out against the Sanders campaign on Friday trying to cripple it by blocking access to our party’s voter database. This violated the DNC’s own rules. It was an act of pure desperation.  A few big things had happened in the Sanders campaign just over a matter of days: Sanders historically reached over 2,000,000 individual donations. Sanders raised $3,000,000 in just three days, mostly in small individual donations. Sanders won, by a massive landslide, the endorsement of Democracy for America and received the endorsement of the Communications Workers of America.

This is a clear act of desperation and glaring display of corruption! Incredibly, Rep. Wasserman Shultz and the DNC backed down at the end of a day when traffic to the Revolt Against Plutocracy increased five-fold.  They quickly retreated when Sanders and We The People stood up to it instead of rolling over and playing dead.  It shows us that when millions of us stand together we can win!

Oppressors pretty much rely on two things to keep people oppressed: ignorance and fear.  They rely on people to be too ignorant to know any better and too afraid to do anything about it if they do.

Laura Ditsch
Laura Ditsch

I can see they are using ignorance and fear in this election to hand over the nomination to Clinton.  Ninety percent of the Main Stream Media in this country is owned by just six corporations.  This is not media, it has become corporate propaganda.  A free press, the one profession specifically mentioned and protected in the Constitution because it’s supposed to be the check and balance of government and of our society, has been sold, bought and bastardized! It’s no longer a check and balance but a mouthpiece of the corrupt.  We see how they’ve nearly blacked Sanders out with Trump; and the rare times they mention Sanders, they distort and deceive.  We see they’re trying to scare people away and convince us of Clinton’s “inevitability.”  One way they do this is by convincing people that Sanders can’t win and only Clinton can win against the GOP. This is, of course, nonsense.

We see all these so-called scientific polls that show Clinton is the front-runner and hear the claim of inevitability by “pundits.”  Yet when we see polls that include people other than those with land lines, Sanders not only wins but wins with a huge landslide.  Sanders, for example, took just under eighty eight percent of the DFA votes compared to Clinton with just over ten percent!

We also see after debates how Sanders is dominating the online polls of who won the debate and yet, if they’re being run by corporate media, they either disappear or somehow Clinton won.  I know I’m not the only person to witness this and witness it often. The MSM is a tool for the status quo in a rigged system.

If Clinton holds her own in debates, what reason would Wasserman Shultz and the DNC have to limit them to only six and schedule them during some of the worst times for viewership? MSM keeps telling us that Clinton won.  Though many people clearly say otherwise, establishment writers and pundits keep telling everyone Clinton won the debates she lost to Sanders.

We know better! We know just how weak Clinton’s chances of becoming president are.  We also know that Clinton is not the president want and not the president that we need at such a critical time in our own history.  They know how big and strong we are and, and they’re trying to do all they can to stop us so We The People don’t manage to take our democracy back.  In reality, this election really does boil down to just that: The first step in taking our democracy back!

Many people out there are willing to vote for Clinton, not because they actually want to or think she’s best or worthy; but because, if they don’t, a Republican will win and the Supreme Court will also be more corrupted than it already is.  They fear the justices a Republican will nominate.  The establishment is using the power of ignorance and fear to control the people.  The Party establishment convinces people that they’re doing the right thing — even the noble thing — by voting for lesser evils, when in reality they are just being controlled by and acting out of fear. In reality, that’s a con job.  “Hope strengthens. Fear kills!” (Jericho Barrons in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series).

I truly believe that if all of us who will not vote for Clinton and are only willing to vote for Sanders because he is the ONLY candidate that truly earns our vote, and actually is a champion of the people, take the pledge, we can actually give such people hope to overcome the fear they are living under.  I truly believe that, if millions of us, tens of millions of us take this pledge, we can show just how many of us there actually are; and this would dispel so much fear and replace it with hope.  We can show them just how many of us the polls are so far from acknowledging, just how big a force we are and more and more will be willing to vote or caucus for Sanders in the primaries, the time it matters most!

The events of last week, when the DNC blocked Sanders’ campaign from having access to the voter database, demonstrates just how much power we have when we stand together, millions strong, and fight as if our lives depend on it (they do). Not only can we win; we will win!

Because the superdelegates preferred Trump to Sanders, progressives and liberals are free to vote their consciences. Please, if you will not vote for Clinton and will only vote for a revolutionary candidate because of how the DNC managed to steal the nomination for Clinton, take the two-part, Jill or BUST pledge to 1) vote Green Party and 2) recruit just two more people to take it as well. This is not a petition. It’s a pledge that commits you to voting for Jill Stein, but to short-term activism recruiting just two people to strengthen this effort and build a revolutionary movement. To take the pledge, click here.

Power of two
Power of two


The chart to the right conveys how fast everyone recruiting just two people to take the pledge can build up the amount of leverage no voter will dare to ignore in November. There is only three months. If you take this pledge, take the time to find two of the millions of Democrats and Independents that will not vote for Hillary or Trump regardless of the consequences. RAP will send you an email to assist with your recruiting effort.

If you don’t want to see Hillary Clinton win the general election, take the Jill or BUST pledge now.  A Republican like her in the White House will truly be a disaster.  Honestly though, another Clinton will be a disaster (slower-acting poison but still deadly).  Let’s help break peoples’ fear and replace it with hope simply by showing just how many of us there are by taking the official Jill or bust pledge.  When they see us in the millions, they’ll know that we’re here and here to win. Maybe, just maybe, they too will let go of fear, grab on to hope for climate change reversal, and support Green Party candidate Jill Stein for President. #JillNotHill #JillOrBUST #SheepNoMore #VoteYourConscience #WeAreNotAfraid