Revolutionaries are now demanding #JillOrBUST!


Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the plutocrats: Vote Green in 2016.  PANIC! And keep reading.

On Peaceful, Political Revolution: Sanders openly called for one, proving he was the only major party candidate who grasps the peaceful but forceful revolt needed to overthrow plutocracy. Before Bernie got on that stage to endorse Clinton, he dropped the torch of revolution. Bernie or bust was there, picked it up, carried it to Philadelphia where Revolt Against Plutocracy handed it to Jill Stein, the last revolutionary still standing.

Bernie or Bust was a pledge to write-in Bernie Sanders or vote Green Party. Why?

Mission: While we voted for Bernie in the Democratic primaries, we also tried to sign up at least 1,000,000+ American citizens pledged to write-in Senator Bernie Sanders for President or vote Green in the general election of 2016 before the primaries begin in February.


Rationale: Bernie was the underdog, and he had the DNC colluding with Clinton to defeat him. If he was going to secure the Democratic nomination, leverage was going to be needed. RAP believed 1,000,000+ voters pledged to write-in Senator Sanders or vote Green Party would be a compelling argument for some Democratic primary voters, and more importantly, the super delegates.  When this strategy was launched in late June of 2015, Bloomberg Politics reported, “in Iowa and New Hampshire, with four-fifths of likely Democratic voters in both states saying they think Clinton is destined to be the nominee.” The pledge strategy was designed to undermine that “destiny.” Call it arm twisting, call it “breaking eggs,” call it compellence; we called it leverage on Democratic primary voters and superdelegates. A write-in strategy is an innovative idea to help any candidate secure a party’s nomination. This strategy did not work because the Party has rigged the game for the establishment with super delegates, and the superdelegates decided they prefer President Trump over President Sanders.

The risk: Unlike Gore vs Bush vs Nader in 2000, Democratic primary voters and superdelegates had the choice next year to unite the broad, American liberal/progressive left behind Senator Sanders or risk putting another Republican in the White House. They chose the latter. The superdelegates knew about our plans, and they chose Trump by making Clinton the nominee. The Bernie or Bust campaign put the burden of unity against the Republican Party on them, and the superdelegates blew it.  #SheepNoMore

Tactic: The total number of pledged voters was conveyed to Democratic Party superdelegates, and they were discouraged from dividing the liberal-progressive, American left in the general election. We were fighting well-financed campaigns with peaceful, people power; and we reminded primary voters of what happened when the left was divided in 2000, i.e., President George Bush. This pledge campaign was designed to unify the broad American left, help Bernie win the Democratic nomination and build the revolutionary, grassroots movement needed during and after the primary election season was over. It did not work, so or bust is the only progressive, revolutionary alternative available.

Please join the thousands of citizens to date help the Green Party candidate by employing BOTH of these two, simple steps:

1) Take the Jill or BUST pledge to vote Green Party this year and vitally important, please

Jill Stein2) Commit yourself to finding just two more angry Sanders supporters to take the pledge ASAP. Please use your email and/or social media messaging to ask people you know, friends, neighbors, relatives (but no one from work), etc. to take the Jill or BUST pledge until you know two people have taken it. If every pledge-signer recruits just two more citizens who recruit two more every other day, we’ll have over 4,000,000 pledge-takers in less than a month. That’s all you need to do to make this grassroots pressure effective: take the pledge and recruit two more citizens. We will send pledge-takers, who leave a legitimate email address, a reminder email if an address is provided with a suggestion for simple Facebook or Twitter messaging to make it as easy as possible along with other, occasional updates on the BUST strategy. The Internet is a powerful weapon in this fight. The RAP Movement won’t move much without pledge-takers employing the power of two.

We are not part of the Stein for President campaign. This is a grassroots, innovative effort to help Dr. Stein secure the White House. There is not plenty of time for pledge-takers to find two people to take the Jill or BUST pledge, please take a few minutes to get this off your “things to do” list today or tomorrow. That’s all you need to do to make this grassroots pressure effective: pledge and recruit two citizens to take the same pledge.  59% of Sanders’ supporters will not vote for Clinton, and we need your help finding them to take the pledge to vote Green in November. We’ll take it from there.

Thank you!

Why Jill Stein? Simple: she is the last revolutionary left standing, and the Green Party platform is closer to Sanders’ than the Democrats’ platform is. The TPP is a very BFD.

Revolt Beyond Bernie: We seek political power for the sane majority, who are opposed to government of, by and for the wealthy. Jill Stein is not responsible for what we do but, we can help her fight battles like few others can. For more, see the REVOLUTION tab above.

A Historic Candidate: Jill Stein would be the first Jewish American President, the first Green American President, the first American President we’re aware of running on a platform calling for a political revolution and…oh yeah, the first woman President. We’ll see the Democrat’s woman, and raise them one revolutionary. The political revolution Bernie launched against oligarchy must continue. We believe equality-based, comprehensive, campaign finance reform is the policy any modern, democratic society requires to ward off corporate coups.

Sheepdog for Secretary Clinton? The knock on Senator Sanders from some on the left early on was that his role now is to corral progressives, like a sheep dog, “to herd and be herded like sheep back into the Democratic fold….” This is underway; but to us, that prospect is unacceptable. Revolutionaries do not vote for establishment, corporate tools or violent warmongers like Hillary Clinton. #SheepNoMore

Revolt Against Plutocracy
Revolt Against Plutocracy

Many Democrats should be fearful that the left will be divided “because” of the pledge, but the superdelegates blew it when they nominated Hillary. They could have united us against Trump and helped elect Bernie Sanders for President. Instead, they demonstrated they prefer Trump to Sanders in the White House. The pledge strategy plays into the real fear of losing the Executive Branch to the Republicans. People, who take the pledge, are demanding Jill Stein or else we’ll end up with President Trump. This will be another close general election; and Americans must come to understand why a peaceful revolution is needed more than the “small government” ideals conservatives used to embrace (before Trump’s fascistic nationalism secured the nomination) or a dangerous, Wall Street neoliberal. Fascism and neoliberalism must wait until democratic order is established because this revolution cannot wait. If not the election cycle offering the lesser of two fascistic candidates, when? The American left was divided by the superdelegates. Each pledge is a stake driven into the progressive end of the broad political terrain by voters who will ultimately cast their votes in secret. This strategy is dangerous for liberals, but only if they do not vote for Jill Stein to be the 45th President. The broad American left is free to vote their consciences in all 50 states. Progressives don’t need to support conservatives, fascists or libertarians.  #JillOrElse

Sanders’ revolutionaries will seriously consider taking the pledge to vote Green in 2016; his followers will not.

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