Bernie’s campaign needs an innovative strategy: YOU and the power of TWO


Plutocracy is defined as government by and for wealthy people, and that term describes the United States for at least 30 years. Senator Sanders is the only prominent voice for a historic, political revolution, including major campaign financing reform that begins with overturning the devastating Citizens United decision.  Electing him for President is also the only viable course to get the Green New Deal passed in Congress, slow to reverse climate disruption and successfully complete a green revolution. If you have already taken Revolt Against Plutocracy’s #BernieOrBust2020 pledge, please skip down to the Essential Power of Two.

Bernie or BUST 2.0

Revolt Against Plutocracy is building another, grassroots movement to support Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President this election. #BernieOrBust 2.0 is intended to compel Democrats to vote for Senator Sanders or Representative Gabbard (Plan B) in the primaries, or else Donald Trump will be re-elected. The superdelegates could have united the Democratic Party against Trump in 2016, but they chose to divide the Party by backing Secretary Clinton, a neo-conservative war monger and dangerous “free-trade” neoliberal.

What’s Plan B? The contest for President in 2020 is more complicated than it was in 2016. Then, Senator Sanders was the only real progressive running in the primaries. This time, Representative Tulsi Gabbard is arguably more progressive than Bernie is, especially on foreign policy. What would become of electoral leverage if something were to happen to Senator Sanders before the DNC? In 2016, there was no fall-back plan if that had happened. This time, RAP has a Plan B: #TulsiOrTrash the Democratic Party. The alternative demand on the Democratic Party is to insist Representative Gabbard be on the Democratic Party ticket as the nominee. If Senator Sanders or Representative Gabbard is not the Party nominee, pledged voters will vote for the progressive, third party candidate of their choice. “Or Bust” and “or Trash” the Democratic Party does not mean staying home not voting, and it does not mean voting for the fascistic Trump. Peaceful revolution takes place at the ballot box. It does no harm to vote and that matters, at least where there are hand-countable, paper ballots.


RAP’s innovative strategy is to apply “leverage” during in the general election. No liberal or progressive wants the White House in the hands of Republicans, so we’re building a list of 1,000,000+  pledges by voters to for Bernie or Tulsi in the Democratic Party primaries. Those frightened of Donald Trump will be compelled by fear to vote for Bernie/Tulsi or else they (not Revolt Against Plutocracy or pledge-takers) will be responsible for re-electing Donald Trump.

pledgePlease join our grassroots, non-violent revolution to secure the election of progressive candidate Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard. The #BernieOrBust 2.0 pledge tells voters it’s got to be #Bernie/TulsiOrElse! That is how people power can trump Biden’s financial and super PAC advantage. #leverage = Bernie/Tulsi or Trump. 

Join the many thousands of Americans who have taken the the #BernieOrBust2020 pledge now by clicking here; and then please continue reading the Essential Power of Two below. The pledge has two parts, and both are critical to attaining leverage before the primaries begin to provide the amount of leverage needed.

Essential Power of Two

Power of two
The power of two

If you have a calculator, take it out and multiply one (person) times two (more people). Keep multiplying that sum by two 20 more times. You can see that if every person, who takes the #BernieOrBust2020 pledge, actively recruits just two more people in the course of a day or two, RAP will have over 4,000,000 pledges taken by Sanders’ revolutionaries well before the primaries begin. See chart =====>>

Millions of Democrats will not vote for another neo-liberal Democrat like Joe Biden in the general election, and we need your help finding them to take the pledge. Tweeting, posting a URL for this website and/or using the “Share this” buttons below, while helpful, does not work. Pledge-takers need to initiate one-on-one contact by using Facebook/Twitter messaging or emails to ask friends, followers and/or relatives to take the #BernieOrBust2020 pledge. For this plan to build enough leverage by election day, all pledge-takers need to be persistent with Berniecrats until two of them tell you that they have taken the pledge. 

Having tens of thousands of Berners using the Internet to recruit voters to pledge to Bernie/Tulsi will build a buzz that will get through the mass media’s silence on this strategy.  Recruiting people to take this pledge builds a movement and a buzz that will convey to Democrats they had better unite behind Bernie/Tulsi or else see Trump re-elected. #Fear

If this recruitment involved an exchange of money, it would be an illegal pyramid scheme; but the only thing being sold is a free, powerful idea. It is perfectly legal and extremely effective, but only if you use social media to secure two pledges from Facebook friends or Twitter followers as soon as you can.

Just make one pledge and recruit two more Bernie/Tulsi supporters as soon as possible. We will take it from there.

Thank you!